Republic of Uzbekistan
Ўзбекистон Республикаси
1991 –
Uzbek flag Uzbek coat of arms
"National Anthem of Uzbekistan"
Uzbek globe map
Map of Uzbekistan prior to the Central Asian Conflict.
Geographical location:
Capital Taskent
Largest City Tashkent
Official language Uzbek
State ideology Authoritarianism (unofficially)
Government Unitary presidential state
Head of State
- 2019 –
Islam Karimov
Area 447,400 km2
Population 30.1 million
Currency Uzbek som

Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbek: Ўзбекистон Республикаси), is a country in Central Asia. It is one of the most economically progressive countries in the region, but remains generally rather poor. Uzbekistan, though, maintains the largest military in the region. The majority of Uzbeks are Muslim. The capital and largest city is Tashkent.

It is somewhat of a dictatorship under the president, Islam Karimov, who hs imperialistic intentions. In early 2019, he assembled a coalition of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan. Together, they invaded the country of Kazakhstan in an attempt to gain land and resources.

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