While some might consider the Flood War to be World War III in Populist America, I've been lately thinking about making an actual WWIII scenario in which the Shanghai Cooperation Organization under the leadership of a desperate Hu Jintao and a recently re-elected Vladimir Putin lead a successful invasion of Europe and America. The first three to five years of the war are fought with conventional weapons, but when the tide turns in the West's favor the SCO launches a nuclear first strike against the US and Europe. The US and NATO respond in kind, but out of sheer luck most of the missiles hit largely enemy silos and military instellations rather than every major population center. The blast results in a break down in most societies but the war drags on for another five years ultimately culminating in a US victory. This victory would leave the US the world's sole superpower, but a superpower over a dying world. I'm still hammering out the details, but I want to know what some of you think before I get started.

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