I recently perused Scenario: Second Dark Ages, and was surprised to find it listed as a scenario instead of speculation because it is examining the present in context to future implications, rather than taking a premise and running with it as a timeline. I'm not criticizing the piece, I simply think that its just a little odd of a designation. This did get me thinking about a possible Second Dark Ages TL, and until recently I really didn't see an argument for the resurgence of theocracies and feudalism on a global scale, or at least beyond the Muslim world; that is until recently. As many of you must know, the Texas board of education (a more oxymoronic title I have yet to be presented with), recently released the contents of the new textbooks for their state; long story short these textbooks will include some serious revisionist history that not even could come up with, such as omitting Thomas Jefferson, claiming that McCarthy was right, and denying that the existence of the separation of Church and State. Now most would simply respond to this that its just one state, a big one yes, but only one state. Well to that I respond, if Texas can do it who's stopping the South? And if the South can do it, who's stopping the midwest? And so on. The point is that the potential for a new era of theocratic scientific repression is entirely possible, I would hope that progressive forces can at the very least impede this, but let's assume they can't or worse yet, don't; what then? For those of you who would like to see such a TL, any and all comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome. BTW please no trolling.


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