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  • YNot1989

    Following the first world war, Germany found itself in a state of economic depression and hyperinflation. In 1921 Adolf Hitler Became head of the Nazi Party, an organization that had less than 60 members one year ago. With skillful oratory and the use of ethnic minorities (jews, the Roma people, homosexuals, etc.) as a scapegoat for the present economic troubles, Hitler was able to recruit thousands to his cause and eventually gain election to the highest office in the land.

    Today the United States finds itself in defeat, at least in the minds of the majority of Americans, in Iraq; the economy, while recovering steadily at 5.5% growth, is to many still in a state of near depression, and as seen in the recent Arizona immigration legislation …

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  • YNot1989

    Second Dark Ages TL

    March 18, 2010 by YNot1989

    I recently perused Scenario: Second Dark Ages, and was surprised to find it listed as a scenario instead of speculation because it is examining the present in context to future implications, rather than taking a premise and running with it as a timeline. I'm not criticizing the piece, I simply think that its just a little odd of a designation. This did get me thinking about a possible Second Dark Ages TL, and until recently I really didn't see an argument for the resurgence of theocracies and feudalism on a global scale, or at least beyond the Muslim world; that is until recently. As many of you must know, the Texas board of education (a more oxymoronic title I have yet to be presented with), recently released the contents of the new textb…

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  • YNot1989

    World War III

    January 19, 2010 by YNot1989

    While some might consider the Flood War to be World War III in Populist America, I've been lately thinking about making an actual WWIII scenario in which the Shanghai Cooperation Organization under the leadership of a desperate Hu Jintao and a recently re-elected Vladimir Putin lead a successful invasion of Europe and America. The first three to five years of the war are fought with conventional weapons, but when the tide turns in the West's favor the SCO launches a nuclear first strike against the US and Europe. The US and NATO respond in kind, but out of sheer luck most of the missiles hit largely enemy silos and military instellations rather than every major population center. The blast results in a break down in most societies but the …

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  • YNot1989

    A Doomsday for Everyone

    August 27, 2009 by YNot1989

    I am thinking of making a doomsday future TL that would allow everyone to create their own small post doomsday nation, similar to the Doomsday 1983 TL on Alt history wikia. The TL would begin in 2010 where swine flue mutates and becomes far more lethal. By 2012 90% of humanity is dead, and the planet left in chaos. Create your own nation with a history section detailing how you'd found it after surviving the apocalypse.

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  • YNot1989

    I am trying to make this TL the Future Wikia equivalent of an Independent in 2000 in quality. So I want to know what pages people want me to make. Be it nations, elections, or wars, let me know what you'd like to see elaborated on or improved in any way.--YNot1989 00:44, 9 August 2009 (UTC)

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