• Sidewinder291102

    It has come to my attention that some of the users here have surpassed their 1 year anniversary of joining Future Wikia.

    Honourary Mentions Include: Hexarafi, Derpmaster, Ryan, HAL, Firestorm and Sailesh

    Congratulations on all of us, considering it was around this time that we migrated to Future and have stayed active since. Good job guys, and I hope that newer users will remain active as well.

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  • Sidewinder291102

    Wishing everyone here a Happy Chibese New Year!

    (hands out ang paus)

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  • Sidewinder291102

    Channel Views

    January 22, 2017 by Sidewinder291102

    Alright so I have 

    • 81 minutes in Malaysia
    • 21 minutes in USA
    • 11 minutes in Cambodia
    • 7 minutes in Australia
    • 6 minutes in Italy
    • 5 minutes in Ukraine
    • 5 minutes in Germany
    • 2 minutes in Brazil
    • 2 minutes in Singapore
    • 2 minutes in Poland
    • 2 minutes in Serbia
    • 2 minutes in Bulgaria
    • 1 minute in UK
    • 1 minute in Turkey
    • 1 minute in Romania
    • 38 seconds in Puerto Rico
    • 23 seconds in the Netherlands
    • 17 seconds in Hungary
    • 9 seconds in Czech Republic
    • 6 seconds in Finland
    • 6 seconds in Israel
    • 3 seconds in Belgium
    • 3 seconds in Mexico
    • 0 seconds in Portugal

    in terms of viewing time by country 

    I have a global audience

    What the heck Portugal

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  • Sidewinder291102

    I am an idiot

    January 22, 2017 by Sidewinder291102

    This makes me so cringe

    I set the privacy settings for my AFOE episode 6 to private


    •  *cringes*
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  • Sidewinder291102

    I have successfully uploaded a new video on my channel, and its a special Christmas mapping video!

    Check it out: [[1]]

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