It's the saddest part about North America and/or Western Europe converting from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. It will take a lot to realize that if we are to help the Third World in the long run, the developed countries must sacrifice some of their accumulated industralization in order to help these people find work and a stable paycheck so that they can afford some of the extras in life. Football stadiums in poor countries are nearly empty because very few people can afford the ticket prices (and the ones who can live far away from the rural areas).

And because the people are poor, they do not pay income taxes, which means the government is also poor and cannot send people to the Olympics.

Outsourcing is a blessing and a curse... We are helping people by putting Americans, Canadians, and Western Europeans out of work. Someday, everything will balance out and everyone will be able to afford plasma TV's and DVD players.

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