My former high school bus driver (who used to be a deacon) said to me about fifteen years ago, that the One World Government based in Rome (as in the European Union) would try to convert everyone to their sphere of influence. And they are currently trying to do so to the Chinese. So thanks to the EU, the Chinese are an economically aggressive race of people who try to grab those American and Canadian dollars so that the One World Government can focus on assimilating Russia and force them into the whole Euro system. If this Euro thing happens, probably either Ethiopia or Somalia would become the world's second superpower next to the mighty "United States of Europe" itself.

Back in 2001, I used to think that the Iraqis would invade New York City and Washington, D.C., and take over the entire world through the capture of the United Nations building. Now I believe that it will be a toss-up between a nuclear war with North Korea, economic domination by the European Union, or a genocidal war against the People's Republic of China.

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