• Rendisutejho

    There are several car parts Lamborghini Aventador SV that uses carbon fiber material, so the weight is very ramoing and decreased by 50 kg to 1 525 kg. The new variant is claimed to be up to 150% more aerodynamic than its predecessor, and downforce is also increased up to 170%. Lamborghini Aventador SV equipped with a V12 engine capacity of 6.5 liters. The maximum power increased to 750 hp, up 50 hp from the previous and 690 nm torque, outstanding not. Lamborghini Aventador SV capable of accelerating from rest to 100km / h in just 2, 8 seconds, it's not to mention when he entered with a maximum speed of 350 km / h. behindspoiler is also a new car, which has three features for the preparation of the spoiler position. By way of electrically …

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