Earth class can't go to space because of these reason.It has made no accomplishments.In order to go to space you must have alot of accomplishments.There are no peaceful accomplishments.They are a waster.They have the same resources many places in space had but made nothing of it as more of a polluter.Destructiveness and in war,resources and people.Racism.Leadership is lousy and they have space people and minds on earth making nothing of it.Earth also is forbidden by super powers in space.America picked wrong Empire to grow from the Galactic Empire and this is the results.Wrong choices brainwash by Britain.UN is also a failure and not allowing earth to go to space.Disallowed.Very strict.Many space super powers against the earth having space travelling when they could have had it decades ago.UPP and many powers have plans on this galaxy and are ignoring earth class.We cannot see white people made starships.They have rules and regulations.21st century is no go.Our own planet and its blunders.Wasteful decision and association like UN won't allow us to space.Very strict governing powers in space.They exist and talk to us through media and police.We are not prepared and failed the requirements.We are held back.Bringing crime to space and fugitives of space on earth.Not for us to contact with technology.Health reasons and failures.Breaking rules and to offend them militarily.911 Police and US Law enforcement.US police and their many problems and mentally.Police make destrucitve trouble.Very bad attitude being mental disorder.Much of racism from police and mental illness.We are not directed by space governing powers who have plans to open space to earth in a certain and strict way.To secret.Isolation.Not developing Greenland and Antarctica as countries for uses for civilians.List keeps piling up.Military.Wasting resources.Health.Not ready in evolution process to go to space.Premature in military.Not to dish technology.Come down on them with prisons.Lack of intelligence.Waste into American and North America cities vital things.Condemned.British and their failure.Their space ships of high military level do travel through Sol system and them having bases.Wars in space and bad choices.Very destructive.Reports.Animal life was told to us.Cost of not going to space properly.They are in space more than superly properly.If you think Star Trek is real.Enough to isolate us.It must be too much for us.They are used to over lifetime that people come and go.The way they started as Star Trek and their choices were millions and many more than million times better than us.They also had the power of space travel from growning civilization.They travelled in space and grew bigger and bigger sailing into space as we have seas.We have to obey a rule.They are vast in their technologies and authorative.

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