• Pierceofmary

    Political Views.

    August 6, 2014 by Pierceofmary

    For the first part I am a centrist with Right-Wing leanings.

    Economics: Free Market Capitalism but favors intervention to protect and promote the free market,corporate,responsibility and competition. Anti-Socialist and Communist. 

    Social: Egalitarian, but anti (Modern),feminist, Anti-discrimination, Cultural liberal,Pro-Life,Secularist.

    Domestic: Pro-human and civil rights,Anti-Gun Control,Anti-Big Government,Anti-Extremist.

    International: Pro-Western/Pan-Western,Pro-US and E.U,Pro-Japan,ROK and ROC .Pro-intervention,Pro-Kosovo,Pro-Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Equal on Israel and Palestine,Anti-Russia,Anti-PRC.

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  • Pierceofmary

    Help and back!

    July 30, 2014 by Pierceofmary

    Well I'm back after 7 months due to comptuer errors with the wiki editing and now I plan to due a massive set of updates to Pierce Jones World. So I need people to edit my pages for editing and images for my pages. So any Artists out there?

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  • Pierceofmary

    Hello I'm Pierce Jones.The Creator of "Pierce Jones Wolrd" a Future World that will refect what I think will hapan in the future from Today to 2105. So I hope it will become one of the greats of the Future Wiki and lacnh me to fame here so If anyone can help they can.Just stick to the Timeline and Universe.

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