Scenario: Dark Times

I haven't told anyone about this but, I have been working on an althistory scenario for about a year now (I have it in a google doc) and well, it took up most of my time during summer. 

Back To The Future (wiki)

So I come back and I become bureaucrat, and I redesign the wiki (16 claims to have done this and I to be honest, don't mind him taking credit for it as I've always been like a silent workhorse, never giving myself "enough credit" as some people call it.)


Recently, the school has been giving us lots of homework (and classwork) so I haven't really had a time to get on a lot, and every time i do i get pounded with requests. (hey, this is what a bureaucrat has to do)


I've been getting my priorities settled and this is the list:

  1. Schoolwork
  2. Friends
  3. Future Wiki
  4. Comic Book

And over the weekends i've been going over to my friend Chris's house to work on the comic book

So, that is why i've been inactive

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