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  • Masterire

    Im reall sorry for the inactivity. I may not be back for a while yet, but ill try in the end, im also super busy these days. Sorry everybody :( Masterire (talk) 23:52, May 4, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Masterire

    Okay so WWIII may or may not happen, but given the circumstances I think it will, and within the next 10 years. personaly I'd prefare the world leaders gave eachother daisys and dances around bonfires while the UN stroked a lyre in the background declaring global peace as every military worldwide was disbanded, but sadly evolution decided taking is better that co-operation for the betterment of the species.

    Who do you think would win a wwiii? Would you want them to? Why?

    I'd have to say i'd want America to win. As much as they and the EU use events to tighten security and also the very biased reporting, I'd rather life under the EU than Putin's Russia. I think the west is bullying Russia and that East Ukraine is Russian, but I think that lif…

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  • Masterire

    I contacted Wikia Staff about it but we need a vote, Do you support blocking unregistered IP addresses from editing?

    Masterire (talk) 15:05, January 2, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Masterire

    Like Schools, Transport, Electricity, Health Insurance (VHI),  Heating,  Post Offices, Two TV Stations, Buses, Forestry, Water?

    These are all things that are state or semi-state owned in Ireland (And I thing most of Western Europe) To me it would seem weird if a private company was in charge of Water or providing Electricity.

    Are these things really owned by FULLY private companies in the US? Do you think that is okay? Which way would you rather it?

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  • Masterire

    This is not an attack on Americans, just "journalists" I don't mean to sound rude.If your American is this something that annoys you too? Do you think American Politicians and Media Personalities comment/intervine in things they have no clue about.

    Something that's been annoying me lately is many Americans (most  being News Anchors, journalists, people from the Political Left and right and the Social Left and Right of the Spectrum) Mainstream and non mainstream expressing or reporting on foreign politics. Especially when commentating on European or Irish Affairs. For instance one non-mainstream American news station with a large following of 1.8 million  commented on how religious Ireland was, this person of had never even been outside the …

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