Hexarafi September 19, 2016 User blog:Hexarafi

Yeah, now I got stressed because I have exams. I can't more active again in the wiki.

Day 1, September 19th, 2016

  • I have a test Craft and Enterpreunership and I must do it on computer when I don't wear my sunglasses. Luckily, I got 90 for this. Level:1
  • Next, is Sundanese, actually I can do the test, but I also discover a question in Sundanese Script, what the hell... But, generally the test is easy, and I am sure I can pass that. Level:2
  • Math!, again I actually can do that, but I only can answer 8 of 15 questions, why? I'm running out of time. Level:4
  • The last, and very difficult, Physics, I won't say anything about that! It's too difficult! Level:5

Ok, I will update it again, thank you. Hi!, Who am I?, Want to know?, visit here, My wall! Garuda Pancasila.svg

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