aka Rafi Hexa Fauzan

Dictator Banana Bender
  • I live in Bandung, Indonesia
  • I was born on June 24
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Hexarafi

    My story on this wiki.

    March 11, 2017 by Hexarafi

    Hi, Hexarafi here. I will tell you about something. Yeah, it is story of my life on this wiki. I am inspired by blogs that created by two of my friends, Sailesh and Ryan.

    My name is Rafi Hexa Fauzan, I live in the city of Bandung. I am a 15 years old man, and I was born in city where I live on 24 June. Currently, I am a senior high school student at one of favorite public school in the city, . I am Muslim, and I am proud for it.I like mapping since I used Google Earth on computer, I like to draw map on a paper, but I can't do that with computer. I also like soccer very much, I like that since when my father brought me newspaper about World Cup and it was interesting.

    I am from lower-middle-income family (No one cares about how much rich or …

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  • Hexarafi

    Alliance with TFOE.

    February 11, 2017 by Hexarafi

    NOTE: For now, it is not officially.

    Hello guys! I have proposed to make an alliance with TFOE Wiki. Do you guys remember this? December 2016, after Task Force Incident that involved many users from several wikis, I had planned to make affiliation wiki with TFOE, Althist, and Conworld. But, this is fail after I have forgotten this plan.

    In the beginning of 2017, a vandal from TFOE Wiki, ASEAN Mapper/Neldonax comes to the wiki and vandalizes some pages. In the climax, an user named Schurwana vandalized some wikis, including us. Then, today (when I wrote this blog for first time, see the date above), he came back and vandalized some wikis.

    So, what we need is an alliance or affiliation with TFOE Wiki. The alliance is proposed to:

    • fight vandalism …
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  • Hexarafi

    Affiliated Wiki

    December 16, 2016 by Hexarafi

    OK, guys. This is Hexarafi. Shortly after small conflict between wikis, I would like to form this one, Affiliated Wiki. We actually had affiliated wikis in 2014, but people were leaving, and then, I don't know the next. The wikis who are invited to join the affiliation have similar features, so those are wikis who are invited to join.

    • Alternative History, I think, most of us know this wiki, yes our "brother", Althist. We had great relation since many years ago. Users in the past were commonly, contributing in two wikis, Future and Althist. We have almost similar features, like Map Games and Scenario. We still had maintain good relation with them.
    • Map Game Wiki, another " brother", Map Game Wiki. People who played map games in this wiki, may al…
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  • Hexarafi

    I know I am not alone.

    December 14, 2016 by Hexarafi

    If you guys are leaving this wiki, I will stay here (Although I actually work at multiple wikis). Because I KNOW I AM NOT ALONE. Be back soon!

    P.S. If you want to listen that music, here is the link.

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  • Hexarafi


    September 19, 2016 by Hexarafi

    Yeah, now I got stressed because I have exams. I can't more active again in the wiki.

    • I have a test Craft and Enterpreunership and I must do it on computer when I don't wear my sunglasses. Luckily, I got 90 for this. Level:1
    • Next, is Sundanese, actually I can do the test, but I also discover a question in Sundanese Script, what the hell... But, generally the test is easy, and I am sure I can pass that. Level:2
    • Math!, again I actually can do that, but I only can answer 8 of 15 questions, why? I'm running out of time. Level:4
    • The last, and very difficult, Physics, I won't say anything about that! It's too difficult! Level:5

    Ok, I will update it again, thank you.

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