In the year 2087, a planet many light-years away is discovered that is perfect for supporting human life. It is first discovered by a high powered satellite telescope, then a spaceraft is sent there carrying 10 rovers to see if the atmosphere is safe for humans, along with 4 small satellites to be put in a low orbit. 9 of the 10 rovers didn't send any information back to Earth. The 10th sent little info but the info it did send back confirmed that this planet is indeed survivable for humans. The spacecraft that carried the rovers and satellites travelled at over 1 million mph but it still took over 25 years to get there!

When this information was sent back, it was celebrated, not only on Earth but on the Moon & Mars colonies and the asteroid mines! 12 years later, 6000 people were picked over the course of 6 years to be sent to Cloyon(the new planet) who will be the first human beings to ever step foot on Cloyon. They will be chosen from the population of Earth only as they are the "superior" race compared to the Moon or Mars races. When the 6000 members of the new colony were brought together to be talked through what is going to happen, they are told that they will be in "hyper sleep" which is basically having the colony be frozen in a special type of ice that freezes the air in their private pod for around 30 years and will release them. The 6000 will be made to be implanted with a fake tooth with a microchip in it that tells scientists on Earth if they are alive and how they are feeling.

24 years later, the ship is getting near the end of its 25 year journey to a new world, when the transmission between Earth and "The Ark" was lost, even though it wasn't when the other shuttles were sent. This devastated the scientists in charge of the project known as "Project Colony" and they tried to fix it for months but nothing happened. The 6000 were officially presumed dead and the families were given a sum of money and a free home on the Moon and Mars colonies.

However, nobody knew this in the entire "Republic of Sol" the real fate of the 6000 people who were in hyper sleep. When the connection was lost, a crew of intelligent humanoid aliens from the planet Cloyon shot down the ship but it did not actually kill any of the humans inside. When the "Cloys" opened up the ship and freed the humans inside and asked who they were. They explained everything and in about 10 years, the Cloys and Humans rebuilt the ship, improved upon it, mated, created Cloy-Human hybrids, and re-launched the ship back to Earth taking only a year!

When the ship returned to Earth, it was the year 2165 and more of the solar system had been populated by humans. The return of the ship was a massive shock for the people of Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus, Europa & Io. The Human-Cloy Hybrids & the Cloys are both treated greatly as they are from a different system! They explained what happened on the planet Cloyon and on the way there. It was great news and, 100 years later, there was a regular and quick transportation between the 2 solar systems was a simple process.

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