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  • Derpmaster21

    So, you know the times that you're having a good time and you don't care about nothing, and then some major shit happens and you get into serious trouble? You may call it "the calm before the storm,". Well, my calm is over, and my storm has arrived.

    So, the story goes that I saw three people at school picking on a disabled 2nd grader, and I verbally insulted the bullies (cuz you know that insulting a disabled person is basically a crime, and it is very cowardly too), and then they told the FUCKING PRINCIPAL and now I'm suspended for two weeks for DEFENDING A DISABLED PERSON FROM BULLIES!!!

    Wow. People are stupid.

    -Derpmaster21, 4:36 pm Southeast Asia Time, 27th of January, AD 2017

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  • Derpmaster21

    Bad times. Bad times.

    November 10, 2016 by Derpmaster21

    A lot of stuff's gone wrong. After I informed the teachers about a bully (betcha u know who), I am now constantly bullied by everyone except my friends. Also, I got in trouble at home and now I'm not allowed to use my phone for the rest of the year, and also people are just not caring about what I'm going through. None of my IRL friends is subject to this and they laugh it off when I'm informing them, and also they make the thing worse. 

    I need a break from life. I am utterly pissed at the world.



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  • Derpmaster21


    May 8, 2016 by Derpmaster21

    I just made some edits on various map games and now i'm 36th on the wiki? HOW THE HECK DID I GET THIS FAR!

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