Denmark is selling DONG - met with criticism: 

The Danish government, consisting of the Social Democratcs, Radikale (the social-liberal party) and the Socialist People's Party, has made a deal with the American investment bank Goldman Sachs on selling 19% of the Danish energy firm DONG Energy. This has been met with massive criticism, and almost 55.000 people have signed a petition (  

Enhedslisten, the gov.'s supportive party, is against it. The Socialist People's Party, a member of the gov. coalition, has also expressed concerns, and the Minister of Taxation, who's a member of this party, is also concerned. Also the Danish People's Party has now said it won't vote for it. However, Venstre (the liberal party) and the Conservatives are going to vote for it, and therefore the decision will be voted through by the majority of the Danish parliament. 

Even former leader of the Social Democrats and PM of Denmark, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, has warned about selling DONG, but our Minister of Finance, Bjarne Corydon, doesn't seem to care at all. Don Corydon, as he's called, is from the Social Democrats, but he's not socialist at all, and he's the most blue man in red bloc. Our PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, actually criticised firms like Goldman Sachs in a book from 2007, but now she supports it 100%. 

The things Goldman Sachs has done: 

So, what's the deal with Goldman Sachs, what have they done? Well, as part of the deal, Goldman Sachs gets all sorts of privileges and is assured of getting +40% of its investment back in cash, and thus they've got nothing to lose and don't have to care at all. They're also buying those 19% for a price that is far below how much DONG is worth.

Goldman Sachs helped Greece hide its massive debt from the outside world, and they've also infiltrated European economics. Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, is former managing director of Goldman Sachs. Mario Monti, former technocratic PM of Italy, has been an advisor for Goldman Sachs. Lucas Papademos, former technocratic PM of Greece, ran the Greek Central Bank when Goldman Sachs helped the country hide its massive debt. 

Goldman Sachs owns companies in Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands and other tax havens, and they use these companies to cheat governments for taxation money. In fact, they've cheated the Danish state for about 310 million USD, and the Danish tax agency SKAT is "hunting" the company, and thus they also criticise selling DONG to them as it would undermine the battle against tax evasion. Also, Denmark is one of the most green nations in the world, and Goldman Sachs could destroy this by buying one of our largest energy providers. 

The selling of DONG to Goldman Sachs has also been criticised by Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, which is a humanitarian organization. Goldman Sachs is investing in the production of cluster bombs, which are deadly weapons with the sole purpose of killing as many people as possible. So, in all ways, Goldman Sachs is a very unethical and immoral firm, and we cannot let them take control of more parts of Europe!

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