Lately, I've been thinking of retiring as an admin and abandoning this wiki. There are many things about this wiki that I'm not satisfied with and I have tried changing it to the better, but I've realized it's an impossible task, causing me to give up and become more and more passive as an admin. I've been meaning to start over with this wiki, which is why I've created the FutureVerse Wiki, but building it will take a very long time, and I honestly haven't looked at it for months. I also feel that most of the content here, no offense to anyone, is of very low quality and not worth reading, except for a few scenarios here and there. I will, of course, try to finish my own scenarios here, but if I get FutureVerse up and running, I'm going to move them there, hoping that others will follow. Also, DeviantART has become my new "home" on the internet, and I have much more interaction with the people there. So, in the near future, I may resign as an admin and abandon this wiki. If anyone reading this wishes to adopt this wiki if/when I leave, let me know. I'm not going to be one of those admins who just suddenly disappears.

UPDATE: I have decided to gradually move my works elsewhere and step down my contributions on and oversight of this wiki. Eventually, when I'm ready, I will largely abandon this wiki, leaving it behind like the admins before me. But for now, I'm staying on the wiki... So, any candidates for adminship, except for Ismael?

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