Scenario Homo Melius

HOMO MELIUS The year being 2940, the Homo sapiens have naturally evolved and now the entire population of Earth is inhabited with the Homo Melius. The Homo Melius is an extraordinary race rooted from the previous Homo Sapiens. The evolution of man hit an unexplained peak causing the process of evolution to speed up quite drastically in the 2100-2900 era. By 2940 not a single Homo Sapiens is left in existence.

Mental Capacity

The IQ average among Homo Melius ranges from 275-450. They have enabled use of over 87% of brain capacity. All Homo Melius have attained photographic and eidetic memories and their reading speed is only dictated by the duration of which it takes to turn a page. Every man on Earth speaks the same language, Earthon. Though, within 1/2 mile communicating telepathically is possible but not preferred due to the mental strain.

Physical Anatomy

The Homo Melius resembles the Homo Sapiens at a remarkable level. Standing at around 7-8 feet tall, having 10 times the muscles of a Homo Sapien, they are physically advanced. The muscles are weaved through the body much tighter, thus causing their strength to be outstanding. Their bone marrow is more durable than titanium. With some exceptions, the average Homo Melius can stand still and lift 900 lbs and bench 1200 lbs. They run anywhere from 25-50 mph.

Contrary to what one might think, physical disputes are very rare due to their intellectual ability to bring out peace and a better empathic understanding of each other. War will be unlikely as most work together in effort to develop scientific advances involving space travel with the intent to find new life and interact. They will continue to use their knowledge to try to discover the true origin or beginning to the phenomenon of existence. -Clayton McCabe

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