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    Homo Melius

    August 26, 2014 by Cmccabe30

    Scenario Homo Melius

    HOMO MELIUS The year being 2940, the Homo sapiens have naturally evolved and now the entire population of Earth is inhabited with the Homo Melius. The Homo Melius is an extraordinary race rooted from the previous Homo Sapiens. The evolution of man hit an unexplained peak causing the process of evolution to speed up quite drastically in the 2100-2900 era. By 2940 not a single Homo Sapiens is left in existence.

    Mental Capacity

    The IQ average among Homo Melius ranges from 275-450. They have enabled use of over 87% of brain capacity. All Homo Melius have attained photographic and eidetic memories and their reading speed is only dictated by the duration of which it takes to turn a page. Every man on Earth speaks the same langu…

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