UPDATE 7/24/16: Alright guys and girls, we're down to two active map games, China World Map and WOW. Let's keep it that way for a while.

UPDATE 7/9/16: China World Map appears to have become inactive. Thus, Future of Nations 2 and my own game, Weight of the World will replace it. The moritorium still stands, however, no map games other than the three listed below. 

Due to the creation of multiple different map games, users actually playing the games have become spread thin, and thus, the games collapse early due to lack of solid support. In response to this problem, I am announcing a moratorium on the creation of new map games. From now on, new games started on the Wiki will be deleted. Games that have already been created are exempted from this policy.

The following games are allowed to continue on the Wiki:

Dios Bendiga,

AllianceScoutAiothai (talk) 08:16, June 24, 2016 (UTC)

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