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January 29, 2006
  • I live in Trois-Rivières
  • I was born on December 15
  • My occupation is Futurist
  • I am Male

I am Jonathan Despres, the polymath futurist & a technology evangelist.


science fiction is a great way to meet people in the present interactions.

I struggle against schizophrenia affective, a mental disease, 1 percent of the population suffer from this.

I don't have money for Alcor right now so if a multi millionaire or a billionaire want to help me, contact me for that. I don't have access to life insurance because of my disease.

Human progress

My personal web site :

I dedicate this page for me & my friendships (females, males, animals, past or future, lost or present) & to the noosphere.

I think it's good to be ambitious, if we want to learn alot. My current job is to share & connect with important decision makers in order to improve the world we live in & give to the humanity a better future. I keep an effective information management strategy by reading books, web articles & watching videos on science, investment & technology daily. I could be called a polymath futurist doing futuring. I am focusing my attention on the big ideas of science, technology, venture capital & society. A polymath interested in an applied futurity or a futurist activity will not search to look inside one field or a specialized area, but will rather try to experiment on various topics & to discover as much as possible the ideas involved with the future.

  • Donations (I would like to donate when I have enough money, I invite you to do the same).
  • Companies (Companies interesting to invest in).

I have also a collection of 101 movies in Science Fiction & it's still growing.

Jonathan Despres' ideas involving futurism

Big, interesting & studied because each area open the doors (I'm a science traveler) to many other future technologies & scientific fields, communities, researches. Those enabling fields give you some tools for a personal growth & some motivation. Each door is actually a portal to a different place (call it eclecticism). I keep each field under my attention, updated & involved in each communities (I have been involved in many in the past). I also want to help financially each field. They share positives values with me. Each dates represent the time when I first discovered the sense of them & when I opened my mind to them. Every fields of research are important to me & have changed my way of thinking. Furthermore, I did news reporting for everyone for free in nanotechnology for 3 years (by creating the second blog or news source on nanotechnology after Nanodot, at that time) & in the medical field of life extension while 2 years. One of an interest is to predicate any single events by mathematics and build or grow predictions technologies. I am working in the finance & construction/electricity area. I also love space, astronomy. To travel. etc..

I study the future, I started with the number 0 below (Nuclear Energy), it led me to many great discoveries. I plan to become better & safe with my perpetual assets project, my preparation before my death, knowledge, my time in biostasis (if I get funding for it) & the talent of my trustees, I expect to return as a beneficiary. I have over a decade of experiences exploring long term technological change and its impact on society.

Some people will call these like a Science Fiction Themes List or a List of futurology topics (I'm more social & more scientific than them & less narrow..) Now your work is to pick/find your favorite topic & build/grow the wikipedia page in question. Go ahead. We need futurists to open the future !

274) Climate change (with Découverte - Since 25th July 2014)

273) Thinking outside the box (by myself - Since 24th July 2014)

272) Predictive medicine (with Ray Kurzweil - Since 24th July 2014)

271) Ovum (Ova used to treat diseases) (by myself - Since 18th July 2014)

270) Accelerator physics & Particle accelerator & List of accelerators in particle physics (with Accelerator Science & Industry - Since 16th July 2014)

269) Human Encounters & Alien abduction & Narrative of the abduction phenomenon & Category:Alien abduction phenomenon & John E. Mack (with Chaine Planète - Since 15th July 2014)

268) Biomarkers of aging & Biological clock (with James Clement - Since 29th June 2014)

267) Connectome (with Brain Preservation Foundation - Since 02th October 2013)

266) Simulism (with Blue Gene - Since 26th August 2013)

265) Brain Simulators (with Blue Gene - Since 19th August 2013)

264) Simulationist (with Juan Carlos Kuri Pinto - Since 10th August 2013)

263) Timeline of the far future (by myself - Since 09th July 2013)

262) Trains under oceans (with Future Wikia - Since 22th June 2013)

261) The future of cupolas bigger & bigger (with Charles T. Northrop - Since 21th June 2013)

260) Artificial/Robotic Surgeon ((Like in the Prometheus Movie) - Since 18th June 2013)

259) Technological Prediction Wall (with the Singularity - Since 14th June 2013)

258) Biological computer (with James Clement - Since 05th June 2013)

257) Chronic electrode implants (with James Clement - Since 11th May 2013)

256) Zoo hypothesis & Convergent evolution (with Fermi Paradox & Kepler-22 b - Since 03th April 2013)

255) Cryonics patients inside Iron Mountain or Cheyenne Mountain Complex or this or this (by myself - Since 13th March 2013)

254) Kurzweil predicts a Technological Singularity caused by the compounding effects of exponential technological progress. Kurzweil writes "There will be no distinction, post-Singularity, between human and machine..." & James Kasting & Planetary habitability (by myself - Since 06th March 2013)

253) Chemopreservation & Chemical brain preservation (with the Alcor Magazine - Since 09th February 2013)

252) Despres Communication in Space (My rules) (by myself - Since 23th December 2012)

251) Area 51 VERSUS Area 8118 (with Gliese 581 - Since 30th October 2012)

250) To create a black hole project outside our solar system and our galaxy.., why not ? nobody destroyed our universe so.. why should we ? maybe it is possible yes, but we should try to find a solution with other people outside our solar system, (thanks) that we should discover what's beautiful presently here (by myself - Since 28th June 2012)

249) Young Astronaut Council & Dragon spacecraft & Automated Transfer Vehicle & Progress spacecraft (with Love (sending children in space/private airplanes) - Since 05th June 2012)

248) The future of music / Artificial/Natural Music / Unlimited or Not / New or Old (with Sean Parker & Spotify - Since 28th May 2012)

247) "When we dont communicate, it's not secure." (with Brian Wowk - Since 25th May 2012)

246) Neural correlates of consciousness & Neural correlate (the view) (by myself - Since 20th May 2012)

245) "to transmit this information to the future" (with Fermi paradox - Since 19th May 2012)

244) Brain mapping (with The Mind uploading - Since 18th May 2012)

243) Electronic music & Techno & Vocal trance & Trance (by myself - Since 14th May 2012)

242) Don't be evil & Evil corporation (with Peter Thiel - Since 14th May 2012)

241) Cyberethics (by myself - Since 04th May 2012)

240) Hyperdrive & Faster than light (with The Universal translator - Since 05th March 2012)

239) Vitrification & Cryoprotectant & Antifreeze protein (by myself - Since 04th March 2012)

238) Meaning of life (by myself & Wikipedia - Since 04th March 2012)

237) Diamond mechanosynthesis (with Robert Freitas - Since 03th April 2012)

236) Robopsychology & Human–robot interaction (with Andrea Kuszewski - Since 27th March 2012)

235) Animatronics (with The The Itchy & Scratchy Show - Since 23th March 2012)

234) Red–green color blindness (with Mark Zuckerberg - Since 21th March 2012)

233) Japanese robotics (by myself - Since 19th March 2012)

232) Alternative future & Future history (by myself - Since 18th March 2012)

231) Self-replicating machine (by myself - Since 18th March 2012)

230) Digital Immortality & Electronic Immortality (with Alexei Potapov - Since 15th March 2012)

229) Technocracy (with Francesca Lamothe - Since 13th March 2012)

228) Computronium & Programmable matter (by myself - Since 06th March 2012)

227) Inaudibility Cloaks & Anti-Vibration Cloaks & Time Cloaks & Cloaking devices (with Rachel Armstrong - Since 05th March 2012)

226) Development of the Nemesis hypotheses & Gliese 581 & Void (with Death Star & Shannon Vyff - Since 03th March 2012)

225) Technology Consumption (by myself - Since 23th February 2012)

224) Xenology & Xenopsychology (with Robert Freitas - Since 19th February 2012)

223) Evolutionary psychology (with Wikipedia - Since 15th February 2012)

222) The future of beauty & aesthetic & Evolutionary aesthetics & Darwinian aesthetics & The Science of Beauty & Evolutionary physiology (by myself - Since 15th February 2012)

221) End of civilization (with the Outline of futures studies - Since 15th February 2012)

220) Walking City (with the List of science fiction themes - Since 15th February 2012)

219) Celebrity -> Money -> Cryonics -> Colony -> Space (by myself - Since 18th January 2012)

218) Cloning disambiguation (with the movie Tron Legacy - Since 22th October 2011)

217) Predictions Technologies (by myself with my study on Mathematics - Since 19th October 2011)

216) Trend (by myself with my study on Mathematics - Since 18th October 2011)

215) Prediction Statistics & Statistical inference & Predictive inference (by myself with my study on Mathematics - Since 17th October 2011)

214) Weapons in science fiction (by myself - Since 06th October 2011)

213) Hedonic treadmill (with David Pearce - Since 05th October 2011)

212) Problem solving & Labyrinth & Self Control (by myself - Since 26th September 2011)

211) Robotics, Intelligences for taking care of old people, like cleaning etc.. (with a report on Chaine Planète - Since 24th September 2011)

210) The Freedom Machine & Free Reality & Virtual Heaven (by myself - Since 06th September 2011)

209) Artificial Blood & The Perfect Cryonics (with Brian Wowk - Since 04th September 2011)

208) Tissue Engineering & Organs Printing (with Euronews - Since 01st September 2011)

207) Cryoprotectant & Cryopreservation (with Qin Shi Huang - Since 31th August 2011)

206) Future/Emerging Space suit (by myself - Since 31th August 2011)

205) Flying car (with Michio Kaku - Since 30th August 2011)

204) The International/Universal, Personal, Online Medical Profile/File used for/by pharmacologistes, M.D.s and you/patients (with the possibility to make it public available to anyone) for free, around the world (by myself - Since 30th August 2011)

203) The Life Extension Bubble & The Technology Bubble (with Halcyon Molecular - Since 23th August 2011)

202) Levitation (with the video game Top Gear 3000 - Since 18th August 2011)

201) Medical Tricorder & The X Prize on Medical Tricorder (with Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence - Since 05th August 2011)

200) Unnecessary Research (with Anna Dumitriu - Since 29th July 2011)

199) International Medicine & Medical Tourism (with a report on Chaine Planète - Since 30th June 2011)

198) Infinite Tools for Human Memories (by myself - Since 15th June 2011)

197) Various Scientific methods tools (with Kevin Kelly - Since 12th June 2011)

196) Synthetic intelligence & Machine learning (with Guillermo Santamaria - Since 11th June 2011)

195) The Seven Epochs of Knowledge & Collective Consciousness (with Guillermo Santamaria - Since 11th June 2011)

194) Evolutionary history of life (with Reginald Challis - Since 07th June 2011)

193) The Mathematics of Randomness & Particles free will & Free will (with Kevin Kelly - Since 05th June 2011)

192) Moratorium VERSUS Try-Atorium (with Kevin Kelly - Since 19th May 2011)

191) Illegal Technology (with Kevin Kelly - Since 16th May 2011)

190) Economies of scale (with Rob Lynn - Since 15th May 2011)

189) Psychotronic Weapons (with Guillermo Santamaria - Since 14th May 2011)

188) Swarm intelligence & technology & Crowd simulation (with The Futurist - Since 02th May 2011)

187) Diamondoid & The Diamond Age (by myself - Since 26th April 2011)

186) Ecumenopolis (with Kevin Kelly - Since 23th April 2011)

185) Anti Gravity (with Dimitrios J. Troukis Jr. - Since 13 April 2011)

184) Infinite Bandwdith Zero Latency (with List of futurology topics - Since 12th April 2011)

183) Ordered/Ordained/Ordering Technological Progress/Progression (with Kevin Kelly - Since 12th April 2011)

182) Vaporware & Surfaced vaporware (by myself - Since 10th April 2011)

181) Technological parallelism, discovery parallelism (invention) (with Kevin Kelly - Since 10th April 2011)

180) 3 Technology Vectors & Triadic Nature (with Kevin Kelly - Since 06th April 2011)

179) Artificial DNA & Synthetic biology (with Kevin Kelly - Since 06th April 2011)

178) Biological vortices applied to technology & Convergent evolution (with Kevin Kelly - Since 04th April 2011)

177) Roboticist (with Rodney Brooks - Since 03th April 2011)

176) Goos (by myself - Since 29th March 2011)

175) Evolution of the Made & Evolution of the Born (with Kevin Kelly - Since 24th March 2011)

174) Technology trajectory (with Kevin Kelly - Since 19th March 2011)

173) The Autonomous Technium who 'Wants'/'is Willing' (with Kevin Kelly - Since 16th March 2011)

172) Behavioral economics (with The Futurist - Since 11th March 2011)

171) Human population control & Overpopulation (with Future Wikia - Since 10th March 2011)

170) Implicate and explicate order according to David Bohm (with Renée Weber - Since 05th March 2011)

169) Flexicurity (by myself - Since 04th March 2011)

168) Relationship between religion and science (with Renée Weber - Since 04th March 2011)

167) Quantum cosmology (with Michio Kaku - Since 01th March 2011)

166) Food security (with The Futurist - Since 28th February 2011)

165) Drake equation (with Michio Kaku - Since 27th February 2011)

164) Open innovation & The Future of Labor (by myself - Since 25th February 2011)

163) Ion thruster (with Michio Kaku - Since 23th February 2011)

162) List of system quality attributes (by myself - Since 23th February 2011)

161) Composite material (with Michio Kaku - Since 23th February 2011)

160) Spatiology & Spaceology (with Michio Kaku - Since 23th February 2011)

159) Precognition (with Michio Kaku - Since 22th February 2011)

158) Genetically modified organism & Transgenesis & Transgene (with Michio Kaku - Since 20th February 2011)

157) Metahuman (with Michio Kaku - Since 20th February 2011)

156) Information Empires (with The Futurist - Since 20th February 2011)

155) Genetic engineering (with Michio Kaku - Since 20th February 2011)

154) Personalized learning (with The Futurist - Since 19th February 2011)

153) Technological evolution (with The Futurist - Since 19th February 2011)

152) Laboratory automation & Artificial Experimenter (with Michio Kaku & The Futurist - Since 19th February 2011)

151) Virtual education (with a TV show: Avenir Possible - Since 18th February 2011)

150) RFID (with a TV show: Avenir Possible - Since 18th February 2011)

149) Bioinformatics & In silico & DNA microarray & Molecular medicine & Genetic disorder (with Michio Kaku & Russell Doolittle & Robert Weinberg - Since 18th February 2011)

148) Mesa Effect (with HAL - Since 17th February 2011)

147) Homo Artefact (with Marvin Minsky - Since 17th February 2011)

146) Survivalism (by myself - Since 23th January 2011)

145) Electronic Ecology & Organic electronics (with Paul Saffo & Michio Kaku - Since 22th October 2010)

144) Animal culture (with a TV show: Le code Chastenay - Since 21th October 2010)

143) DIY Biology & Epigenetics (with Bryan Bishop - Since 17th October 2010)

142) Atomic clock & Accuracy (with a TV show: Le code Chastenay - Since 16th October 2010)

141) Reductionism (with Michio Kaku - Since 14th October 2010)

140) Universal Consciousness (with Jean Staune - Since 08th October 2010)

139) Powered exoskeleton & Powered exoskeletons in fiction (with Michael Anissimov - Since 08th October 2010)

138) Twelve leverage points & Collective intelligence & Calculating demand forecast accuracy & Malthusian catastrophe & Involution & Planetary Phase of Civilization & State of the future & Global Consciousness Project & Reference class forecasting & Prediction market & Optimism bias (by myself & List of futurology topics - Since 04th October 2010)

137) Dollo's Law of Irreversibility (with Jean Staune - Since 05th October 2010)

136) Theories of technology & Technology forecasting & Diffusion of innovations & Futures techniques (by myself - Since 04th October 2010)

135) Technological mutation (with Jean Staune - Since 03th October 2010)

134) The human destruction of the universe (with Jean Staune - Since 01st October 2010)

133) Science outreach & Funding of science & Evangelism marketing (with Bruce Klein - Since 27th September 2010)

132) Objectivity & Empirical & Quantum decoherence & Consciousness & Materialism & Scientistic materialism & Nonlocality & Dualism (with Jean Staune - Since 27th September 2010)

131) Paradigm shift (with Jean Staune - Since 27th September 2010)

130) Organ Bank/Organ Shopping/Organ Store/Organ Production (with Denis Frechette - Since 25th September 2010)

129) Gödel's incompleteness theorems (with Trinh Xuan Thuan - Since 25th September 2010)

128) Techno-progressive & Technological change & Technological utopianism (with Jamais Cascio - Since 24th September 2010)

127) The importance of Un/Natural selection in the future (with Robert Bradbury & Denis Frechette - Since 24th September 2010)

126) The reducing gap between working & playing (with Denis Frechette - Since 24th September 2010)

125) Multiple personality/identity & Memory/Emotional Invention/Exploration/Experience (with Denis Frechette - Since 23th September 2010)

124) Extropy & Extropianism & Proactionary Principle & Systems thinking & Thought leader & Leadership development (with Denis Frechette & Max More - Since 23th September 2010)

123) Space & survival VERSUS Human extinction & Extinction event (with Martin Rees - Since 22th September 2010)

122) Potential applications of carbon nanotubes & List of carbon nanotube suppliers (with Denis Frechette - Since 22th September 2010)

121) Clean technology (with Elon Musk - Since 21th August 2010)

120) Rocketry (with Steve Jurvetson & by myself - Since 21th August 2010)

119) List of cognitive biases & List of fallacies (by myself - Since 21th August 2010)

118) The Creativity gene & The Motivation drug (with Andrea Kuszewski & this article - Since 21th September 2010)

117) M-shape Society & Economic inequality (with Denis Frechette & Alvin Toffler - Since 21th September 2010)

116) Political simulation (with Denis Frechette - Since 21th September 2010)

115) Kranzberg's laws of technology & Necessity law (with Denis Frechette - Since 20th September 2010)

114) Smart material (with Denis Frechette & by myself - Since 20th September 2010)

113) Futurist architects & Futurist painters & Futurist composers & Futurist photographers & Futurist writers & Futurist sculptors & Futurist filmakers (by myself - Since 19th August 2010)

112) List of fictional spacecraft (by myself - Since 19th August 2010)

111) Posthuman & Posthumanism (with Denis Frechette - Since 19th September 2010)

110) Self organisation & Emergence & Spontaneous order & Arrow of time (with Denis Frechette - Since 19th September 2010)

109) Quantum computing & Optical computing & DNA computing & Molecular computing & Holographic Computing & Holographic data storage & List of fictional computers (with Ray Kurzweil - Since 18th September 2010)

108) Sustained release dosage forms & Dosing & Drug delivery (with Denis Frechette - Since 18th September 2010)

107) Gene therapy & Genomics (with Denis Frechette - Since 18th September 2010)

106) Prediction VERSUS Speculation or here (with Denis Frechette - Since 18th September 2010)

105) Accelerating change (with Denis Frechette - Since 18th September 2010)

104) Ethics & Professional ethics & Bioethics & Nanoethics & Neuroethics & Roboethics & Ethics of technology & Internet ethics & Genomics ethics (with René Villemure & Jamais Cascio - Since 12th September 2010)

103) Information-theoretic death (with the article of Cryonics - Since 12th September 2010)

102) Secular humanism (with Gissele Cano - Since 08th September 2010)

101) Think tank & Regulation of science (by myself - Since 07th September 2010)

100) Psychological resilience (by myself - Since 03th September 2010)

99) Sleeper ship & Bussard ramjet (with Wikipedia - Since 31th August 2010)

98) Superconductivity (with Louis Taillefer - Since 26th August 2010)

97) Information overload (with Alvin Toffler - Since 15th August 2010)

96) Venture Capital (by myself & Peter Thiel - Since 15th August 2010)

95) Ankh & Japan (with Larry Ellison - Since 15th August 2010)

94) Maslow's hierarchy of needs & Morphological freedom (with Space colonization - Since 01st August 2010)

93) Space colonization (with Hans Rosling, Bill Gates, Global Poverty & Population & Humanity & Global hectare - Since 29th July 2010)

92) Gold as an investment, congestion effects VERSUS scale effects (with Bill Faloon & Robin Hanson - Since 13th July 2010)

91) Information Management Strategy (with Anders Sandberg - Since 05th July 2010)

90) Origin of life: Abiogenesis & Cold fusion (with the movie of The Saint 1997 - Since 27th June 2010)

89) Brain in a vat (with Wikipedia - Since 22th June 2010)

88) Theory of everything & String theory & Gravity wave (with Michio Kaku - Since 26th May 2010)

87) Wormhole & Dark energy & Dark matter (with Michio Kaku - Since 16th May 2010)

86) Fine tuned universe (with Brian Wowk - Since 9th May 2010)

85) Antimatter rocket (with Michio Kaku - Since 1th May 2010)

84) Sentience quotient (with Robert Freitas - Since 1th May 2010)

83) Classification of human deception & lies & truths & fMRI (with Michio Kaku - Since 17th April 2010)

82) Psychokinesis & Mind control (with Michio Kaku - Since 13th April 2010)

81) Telepathy & Universal translator (with Michio Kaku - Since 10th April 2010)

80) Teleportation & EPR paradox (with Michio Kaku - Since 7th April 2010)

79) Artificial Gravity (by myself - Since 5th April 2010)

78) Death Star & Phasers & Raygun (with Michio Kaku - Since 5th April 2010)

77) Force Field (Invisible shields in different shapes: roads, buildings) (with Michio Kaku - Since 1th April 2010)

76) Extraversion & introversion (with Shannon Vyff - Since 1th March 2010)

75) Learning curve (by myself lol - Since 24th February 2010)

74) Altruism (with Bruce Klein, Richard Dawkins & myself - Since 13th February 2010)

73) DNA Fraud (with a TV show: Avenir Possible on TV5 - Since 3th February 2010)

72) Reality VERSUS Creativity (with David Lynch - Since 19th January 2010)

71) Weather control (with Michio Kaku - Since 6th December 2009)

70) New Wet Animal Creation/Creating (with Michio Kaku - Since 13th November 2009)

69) Globalization (with Alvin & Heidi Toffler - Since 18th October 2009)

68) Virtual reality (sound, visual, smell, touch, immersive nanomachines) & Brain mapping (with Ray Kurzweil - Since 6th October 2009)

67) The Experience Economy & The Lonely/Alone Industry (with Alvin Toffler & The movie Total Recall - Since 4th October 2009)

66) Arcology & Autonomous building (with Wikipedia - Since 8th September 2009)

65) Technological Universalism & Technological Unification (by reading on the Pharaoh - Since 28th August 2009)

64) Accidentology (with a TV Show on EuroNews - Since 28th August 2009)

63) Androgyny (with Gabriel Aubry - Since 20th August 2009)

62) Self-fulfilling prophecy (by myself - Since 9th August 2009)

61) Surveillance (by myself - Since 17th June 2009)

60) Cosmic Calendar (with Ray Kurzweil - Since 11th June 2009)

59) Micro black hole (with the movie Star Trek - Since 7th June 2009)

58) WiTricity & Disruptive technology & List of emerging technologies (with Wikipedia & myself - Since 7th June 2009)

57) Augmented reality (with the movie Ironman, Star Trek - Since 7th June 2009)

56) Desert & Desert Colonization (with Alcor & Solar Energy & Montgomery Burns & Jean Giraud - Since 1th June 2009)

55) Ubiquitous & Omnipresence (with Wikipedia, Nanotechnology & Computing - Since 24th May 2009)

54) Assisted reproductive technology & Reproduction & pregnancy in speculative fiction & Pregnancy over age 50 (with Nadya Suleman & Catherine Chevrier on Facebook - Since 23th April 2009)

53) Space pirate (with a user on Freenode on #space - Since 16th April 2009)

52) Fusion power & Tokamak ITER & Cold fusion (with Thomas Vinçotte on #philosophie on undernet - Since 8th April 2009)

51) Planetary defense (with Viktor Kozeny - Since 6th April 2009)

50) Solar Sail & Beam powered propulsion & laser propulsion (with Anders Sandberg - Since 02th March 2009)

49) Cocooning & Hikikomori & Hiving (with artists accepting awards in their home with a camera - Since 24th February 2009)

48) Fermi paradox (with the post scarcity - Since 15th February 2009)

47) Welfare State (état providence) (with Téléquébec - Since 13th February 2009)

46) Personalized medicine & Full genome sequencing & DNA sequencing (with Wikipedia - Since 3th February 2009)

45) Cloak of invisibility & Invisibility in fiction (with Future Wikia, Wikipedia, Michael Anissimov, The Predator Movie - Since 2th February 2009)

44) Demographic-economic paradox & Fertility & intelligence & Hypergamy (with Wikipedia - Since 7th January 2009)

43) Race of the Future & Disruptive selection (with Wikipedia - Since 28th December 2008)

42) Noosphere & Noocracy & Scientism & Minding the planet & All differents intelligences (as the colors) (with Google - Since 1th October 2008)

41) Pro-choice (with Les Francs Tireurs on TV - Since 1th October 2008)

40) "Games that make you smarter" & Brain Trainers (with the movie The Lawnmower Man - Since 29th September 2008)

39) Seasteading & Ocean Colonization & Pirate utopia & Underground City (with Peter Thiel on Slashdot & Paranoid on Future Wikia - Since 15th July 2008)

38) Absent-minded professor & Eclecticism (with a TV program - Since 7th July 2008)

37) Serious Games (with The Foresight Institute - Since 20th June 2008)

36) Sub-Orbital Tourism (with Paul Allen - Since 15th June 2008)

35) Sapir–Whorf hypothesis & Principle of linguistic relativity (with Wikipedia - Since 4th May 2008)

34) Dream Argument (with Nick Bostrom - Since 28th April 2008)

33) Solipsism & Solipsism syndrome & Reality tunnel (with Wikipedia - Since 28th April 2008)

32) Honesty (by myself - Since 20th April 2008)

31) Healthy Reciprocal Symbiotic Relationships & Mutual Advantage (My Computer & Me) & Co-evolution (with Wikipedia & Ushuaia Nature - Since 28th April 2008)

30) Space War (with Brian Wowk - Since 24th April 2008)

29) Types of Beings (by myself - Since 23th April 2008)

28) Post scarcity & Zero Population Growth (with Alcor & with Wikipedia - Since 23th April 2008)

27) Perfect Predictors & Psychohistory & Time Machine & Time Travel & Newcomb's paradox (with Nick Bostrom - Since 21th April 2008)

26) Anthropic principle & Doomsday argument & Existential Risk (with Nick Bostrom - Since 21th April 2008)

25) Perpetual Trust & Trustee (with I quess Brian Wowk - Since 20th April 2008)

24) Simulated Reality (with Nick Bostrom & Bruce Klein - Since January 15th 2008)

23) Games Connections & Multimedia Convergence & Virtual World Economy (with - Since January 5th 2008).

22) Metaverse & Parallel universe (fiction) & Multiverse (by myself - Since January 4th 2008)

21) Intelligent Agents (by myself on January 4th 2008)

20) Bionics & Biomimicry & Cyborg & Prosthetics in fiction (with Stephen Beauregard on Alcor United - Since December 2007)

19) Singularity & Technological Singularity (with this image - Since July 2007)

18) Answer Machine & Natural Language Processing (with the movie Alien 1 - Since August 2007)

17) Service Economy (with a TV show on the Reseau de l'information in Canada & on Wikipedia - Since 22 November 2007)

16) Space Tourism & Interstellar travel (with Slashdot - Since June 2007)

15) Capitalism, Economic Freedom, Libertarian science fiction, Inflation (with Pyrotic, Aliks, on undernet, on #capitalism - Since September 2006)

14) Increasing Intelligence & Intelligence Amplification for a human (with Sat on - Since January 2006)

13) Paradise Engineering (Hedonistic & Abolitionist) & Post-Darwinism & Utopia & Techno-utopianism & Hyperthymics (Darwin & the nature of the evolution) (with Lucifer - Since June 1 2005)

12) The Far Edge Party & Memes (with Keith Henson on - Since 2005)

11) Omega Point & Universal Immortalism (with Wikipedia, - Since 2005)

10) Gentle Revolution (with Jonesey - Since 2005)

9) Artificial Intelligence & Artificial General Intelligence & Friendly AI (with Michael Anissimov - Since 2005)

8) Mind Uploading & Brain-Computer Interface & Neurochip (with Cryonet - Since 2005)

7) Distributed Computing & Matrioshka Brain (with Eric Drexler & Robert Bradbury - Since 2005)

6) Astrobiology/Exobiology & Kardashev & Megascale Engineering & Astroengineering & Astronomical engineering & Planetary engineering & Stellar engineering (Star Lifting & Stellar husbandry & Space Elevator & Dyson Shell/Sphere) & Terraforming & planet-sized mirror (with Robert Bradbury - Since April 2004)

5) Cryonics & Suspended animation & Vitamin & Dietary supplement & Nootropic & Transhumanism (with Robert Bradbury - Since October 2003)

4) Anti-Aging & Immortality & Biological Immortality & Biomedical Gerontology & Oblivion & Fatalism (with Aubrey de Grey - Since June 2003)

3) Zero point energy & Moore's law & Metcalfe's law (with Calin Plesa - Since 2001)

2) Internet & Hypertext & Hyperlinks & Global village & Open source (with my high school Chavigny & The Foresight Institute - Since 1997)

1) Molecular Manufacturing (nanomilitary, nanomaterials, nanoecology, nanomedicine, nanocomputing, nanospace, nanoenergy) (with Ralph Merkle & Viktor Kožený (after internet) - Since 1997)

0) Nuclear Energy (by myself - Since 1996)

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"They survived the doing the unthinkable." --Alive (movie)

"Matter will become software." --Jonathan Despres (used on

"..improving like wine instead of spoiling like milk..." --Eric Drexler (used on NanoAging)

"The inculcation of the incomprehensible into the ignorant by the incompetent." --Josiah Stamp

"If you don't think about the future, you cannot have one." --John Golsworthy

"Slaves are born slaves." --Eastern Promises (movie)

"If every project you start succeeds, you have failed." --Anonymous (used on

"Immortality = Unlimited Potential." --Alcor Life Extension Foundation

"Batty: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die." --Blade Runner (movie)

"Believing in you even when you are the only one to." --Balls of fury (movie)

"Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It's courage... Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." --John Wooden

"We people, are people when there is something willing, wanting to harm us, we are seeking help. That's what I do all my life." --Jonathan Despres

"Persistant dans la persistance." --Jonathan Despres

"Working is the same than learning. Working = (==) Learning." --Jonathan Despres

"I hate when people die, it let me realize how stupid we are." --Jonathan Despres

"Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's jobs with yesterday's tools." --Marshall McLuhan

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." --Arthur C. Clarke

"Scarcely one person in a thousand is capable of tasting the happiness of others." --Henry Fielding

"I am happy & content because I think I am." --Alain-René Lesage

"A part of our future appears to be evolutionary & unpredictable & another part looks developmental & predictable. Our challenge is to invent the first & discover the second." --John Smart

"The problem with the future is that it keeps becoming the present." --Calvin

"tout vient à point à qui sait attendre, on arrive à tout avec de la patience/good things come to those who wait, all in good time." --Hannibal Lecter

"Mieux vaut mal faire que de penser petitement." --Anonymous

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past." --Thomas Jefferson

"Because the living universe is a place where learning makes a difference." --Anonymous

"Calculating God, Metal Twist, Deepnes of sky, Integral Trees." --Various Books

"Infinite Curiosity." --Leonardo Da Vinci

"An individual can make all the differences in the leadership of a nation." --Jonathan Despres

"The biggest force for humans is, its low adaptation rate over the environment, wars & competitions within a specie make it stronger." --Jonathan Despres

"Man stands between two futures... one larger, one smaller." --Fantastic Voyage

"Des machines moléculaires intelligentes donnerons à l'humanité immortelle une économie infinie focalisée sur les expériences de la réalité virtuelle et ainsi former l'ingénierie du paradis oeuvrant dans un grand monde social, cervical, sans souffrance." --Jonathan Despres

"There is no adequate defense, except stupidity, against the impact of a new idea." --P. W. Bridgman

‎"I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance." --Rubén Blades

"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." --Franklin D. Roosevelt

"The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." --Unknown

"The life of a human in 2200 will be richer than the life of the richest in 2020. That is why I love life." --Jonathan Despres

"Hang your plow to a star." --Soufi

"Quo de futuris non est determinata omnino veritas." -Nostradamus (Translation: For the future, none can be determined with an absolute truth)

"I knew if I stayed around long enough, something like this would happen." --George Bernard Shaw

"The future belongs to those who are fast." --Jim Carroll

"The only way you can predict the future is to build it." -Alan Kay

"On ne sait jamais de quoi le passé sera fait/We never know what the past will be made." --Unknown

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see." --Schopenhauer

"You can never plan the future by the past." --Edmund Burke

"Any passion that you may have, if you dont think about money, maybe this is because you are good at your passion." --Jonathan Després

"One part of knowledge consists in being ignorant of such things as are not worthy to be known." --Crate

"In fact, asking ourselves how humanity might make entirely new kinds of mistakes is probably the best metric we have for discovering new possibilities of choice and freedom." --Kevin Kelly

"The future will be able to make convincing imitation that will match your memories of them. --Edgar Swank"

"We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself." --Carl Sagan

"Cryonics: Our children will not know death." --Jonathan Després

"Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion." --Edward Abbey

"You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there." --Edwin Louis Cole

‎"Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well-informed just to be undecided about them." --Laurence J. Peter

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." --Albert Einstein

"Why limit yourself to your own ideas?" --Anonymous

"When life gave me lemons, I made limonades, when it gaves me opportunity, I took it, I got on board life and made it incredible." --Anonymous

"To place a man in a multi-stage rocket and project him into the controlling gravitational field of the moon.... I am bold enough to say that such a man-made voyage will never occur regardless of all future advances." -- Dr. Lee De Forest, renowned engineer, 1957

"You can't be creative unless you come up with something that hasn't been done before," says psychologist Dean Keith Simonton, PhD.

"To build a company is not a sprint but a marathon" --Neil Robinson

One sentence that could describe Jonathan Despres

"He consults on advanced decision making & foresight methods for handling the impact of emerging technologies. By choice, he is a philosopher, atheist, capitalist, futurist, transhumanist, libertarian, netizen, extropian, cryonicist, immortalist, life extensionist, post darwinist, posthuman & singularitarian. He has experience (knowledge) with new technologies & new scientific concepts."

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