Upload 2 Upload

People on earth would soon realize that it was possible to upload their data of the brain into other brains or on dry computers. They realized that brains were wet computers and that language and memory were only data or programming language. The idea started with a research on mind emulation. Memories at their side were all data of images, of sounds and feeling. They started with uploading their photos taken from digital camera, but soon transhumanism would make these device available into the eyes themselves and transfered into an external computer wirelessly. Bluetooth was a new technology offering worldwide wireless technology and connectivity, it was free to take photo of your own eye and transfer it to a computer later, you were also be able to record a video. Computers were very powerful, able to store more than 10^4 terabyte of space. Innovation was so great in these field that it was possible to record all your life on computers. In the past you would need to talk to people to express what you want, what kind of info you needed to know, they soon realized that communication was a programming language, not just a language for any wet computers or human brains. Programming languages were attributed more on humans, seeing human brains as computers literally. The idea of mind uploading were becoming more a reality, there was correlations to do. As we would upload more information to computers, making it easy, uploading the whole mind would become justifiable. Wet Brains would meet Dry Brains, but what kind of ethics would come with such technology? Would it be just a copy or really a transfer? Would it have telepathy? Could we move to one mind to the other? What about transfer bugs or a virus? Such questions would remain important after the Mind Uploading Technology be implemented. If we want to move from one mind to another, we need to make our mind transportable, a mind from a wet brain. The first mind would have always the limitation of not being a copy. But what about if we are just a software, a pattern, if our mind is already virtual by its shape or geometry. People were saying that because we could just change the atoms in the brain by other atoms but by respecting the geometry, the process of the mind or the memory, because here we talk about memories most of the time, not mind. Is the mind spiritual or just physics?

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