Universal Society Committee, or short USC was the organisation which started or founded the country Hodia.

In the start consisted the committee of 10 persons. 8 millionaires and 2 billionaires which had the same goal, to rise a new nation with were the best for everybody. They knew their investment weren't going to pay at all, but they all shared the same goal, to make a new and modern society for everybody. It was hard to plan the nation. Everything from electricity to laws had to be planned. The gathered over 2000 experts, which each led a group of 30 to plan the nation on their field. Their headquarters were in London.

The first thing they had to do were to find land they could claim. Several areas were interesting, but they ended up with Western Sahara. They knew it would be a win-win opportunity for all parts to accomplish peace in this area. After 5 years with planning they manage to make a good enough plan for the making of a new country. Their next challenge was to make new borders. They knew it would be hard because Morocco wasn't so happy to "lose" land. After several tries, they manage in 2045 to set up a meeting to discuss the opportunities. The meeting ended up with no deal. 3 years later USC gathered all five parts (Morocco, USC, Mauritania, Polisario and UN) to the West-Saharan city El Aiun to discuss the same subject, and ended up surprisingly enough with a solution. All parts seemed to be happy with the solution except Morocco, but they agreed it because they were forced to do it and they saw no other solution at this conflict, read more about this here.

Before they went to negotiate, they had to ask around how many who was seriously interested in moving to the new nation. They were surprised as it was over 75 million people from all over the world which were interested. They had only planned a nation with 5-10 million. So after further planning they manage to plan a nation capable with 35 million (+10 million). They were now ready for negotiating.