United System of Sol
CapitalNew Eden, African Commonwealth
Demonym Human
Currency Credits
The United System of Sol (USS), is the unified government of all human planets within the Sol System (with the exception of Mars and its moons), and the representative body of all human colonies in Citadel Space. Although relatively new to the Galactic community, it has already made a name for itself in the 30 years since the end of the First Contact War by being one of the most formidable forces in the galaxy, liberating the Citadel from occupation by xxx, and for becoming the sole voice of the Citadel Council from 2283 until 2286.

A federation comprised of 7 planets (the last being Mars, which has had its own planetary government since the conclusion of the First Contact War), the USS is democratic with its government residing on a large space station orbiting Saturn (although large, not near the colossal size of the Citadel). Since being formed in 2257, the USS has led humanity to become one of the most dominant forces in the galaxy, and its influence unmatched even by two of the most prominent species in the galaxy combined.


As Earth unified under the flag of the United Federation of Earth and its colonial ambitions began to reach the limits of the Solar System, a fear arose within Earth's leaders, worried that over time, colonies would drift away from the homeworld and no longer respect authority from Earth. From there, invitations were extended to each of the local colonial governments to attend a summit aimed at possibly cementing the creation of a system-wide government as a unified voice for humanity.

The original summit was cut short however, as humanity was drawn into a nine-month long conflict against the first Aliens ever contacted by humans. After the war, another summit was called and was a success, and on December 2, 2257, delegates from Earth, Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury. Uranus and Saturn's orbital colonies signed the Unification Treaty, and the United Federation of Earth, along with its colonies united into one government.

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