2028 Flag of the United States2033
United States presidential election, 2032
November 12, 2032
Turnout 24.6%
KshamaSawant 225px-Michelle Obama official portrait headshot
Nominee Kshama Sawant Michelle Obama
Party Communist Democratic
Home state N/A Illinois
Running mate Position abolished Position abolished
Electoral vote 526 12
States carried 47 + DC 3
Popular vote 34,084,903 1,907,602
Percentage 94.7% 5.3%
President before election
Michelle Obama
Kshama Sawant
The United States presidential election of 2032 was the 62nd quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 12, 2032. A lot had happened since 2028, the rise of the Socialist party triggered a spike in Communist support throughout the US. This election saw the lowest turnout since records began, which meant Kshama Sawant could take the place as the first Communist POTUS. She had a popular vote of 34 million, 33 million more than incumbent Michelle Obama, she had the majority of states and majority of electoral votes. Kshama Sawant has vowed to use her own 'version' of communism, which will see democracy intact, liberal social policies, but hardcore socialism for things like the economy and defence.

Michelle Obama lost and has been the most shocking result in the entire time of US politics. New parties sprung up like the Liberal Party and even the Progressive Conservatives came back in an attempt to win back some Conservative voters, because of the disbandment of the Republican party, Michelle Obama had to take a slightly more Conservative stance to get the actual votes she got, with many of her tradititional Democrats going to the 'soft' Communist party.

Just three days after the election, up to 80% of the country were unhappy with the election result. They demanded Communism to be removed, a re-election to be held and to bring back the 'running mate'. Kshama Sawant hit back at the protestors saying 'Even though my party is Communist, it doesn't mean we have to be like China, North Korea, (old) Russia, it just means I want an equal society, with equal opportunities and people who can thrive with the country. Democracy will still be here by 2036, and we won't do away with big businesses, This is Sawantism! New Communism!'

A re-election was held in 2033 when Miss Sawant was assassinated in Texas, due to not having running mates anymore, nobody could take over. The Communists didn't run for the next election and instead reformed back in to the Socialist party, to run for the 2034 election.

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