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United States presidential election, 2028
November 4, 2028
Turnout 59.3%
160x160px Tedcruz Elizabeth Warren
Nominee Susan Collins Ted Cruz Elizabeth Warren
Party Independent Republican Democratic
Home state Maine Texas Massachusetts
Running mate Elliot Cutler/Barack Obama Ted Kennedy II Al Franken
Nominee Tom Cotton
Party American Party

Home state Arkansas
Running mate Bakari Sellers
President before election
Scott Walker
Susan Collins

The United States presidential election of 2028 was the 61st quadrennial United States presidential election. It was held on Saturday, November 4, 2028. Independent nominee and Maine Senator Susan Collins defeated Republican candidate and Vice President Ted Cruz; Democratic candidate and Massachusetts Governor Elizabeth Warren

Collins became the first President to be from Maine as well as the first President since Millard Filmore to have belonged to neither the Republican nor Democratic parties.

Susan Collins Started Off Her Presidency by trying to pass a law that Would Mean Former Presidents Could Become Vice President and surprisingly The vote won 49-51 and Later that day she fired her acting Vice President Eliot Cutler and elected Barack Obama As the new Vice President, when she did this she lost a lot of support and her ratings dropped to 42% But then When all else failed to get her ratings up... she did it she had the courage and braveness to tear down Former President Trump's Wall on the border between Mexico and The U.S. And she invited Hillary Clinton to have the honor and Break the first Piece of brick off The Wall Her popularity ratings Then skyrocketed up to 74%

More will be released on Thursday The 24th




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