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The United States presidential election of 2028 was the 61st quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 7, 2028. The Democratic nominee, Michelle Obama, won the election with massive margins. Michelle and Joe Biden got triple the percentage than Republican Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, they also got double the electoral vote and over triple the amount of states carried than Christie and Rubio. Kshama Sawant led the new Socialist party, quickly grabbing the spotlight on the U.S politics stage. Sawant from India had backing support from Bernie Sanders, who was close to retiring from politics. Sawant enjoyed the attention, getting 5.5% of the vote, two states and seven electoral votes, the party later went on to take up 17/100 seats in the Senate. Polls throughout the election put the Socialists at second place, because of Sanders performance in the 2020 election, but this was wrong. Christie and the Republicans were back together as a full party after the 4 year split into Progressive Conservative, Patriots and Independents. Obama had a less than satisfactory election result last election, but still won the nomination and triple the support than the Republicans.

Protests broke out due to the election result, heavily criticising the result saying it was rigged and people didn't want a 'black in the house again', many racist comments came from this election. During this term till 2032, the Republicans remodelled in to a modern centre-right party simply dubbed 'New Conservative', the Democratics merged with the Greens to make a new Green party, focusing on liberal ideas mixed with environmentalism and the Socialists went on to gain massive support, and polls show the 'Socialists are on track to maybe get in to the White House next time...'.

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