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United States presidential election, 2024
November 5 2024
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Party Democratic Republican

The United States presidential election, 2024 was held on November 5 2024 and was the 60th quadrennial election. Democratic nominee US rep. Tulsi Gabbard and her running mate Chris Murphy defeated Republican nominee former governor Jeb Bush and his running mate Tom Cotton.

Tulsi Gabbard was inaugurated on January 20 2025 and became the first woman president.

Background Edit

Incumbent President Donald Trump term expires on January 20 2025

Donald Trump official portrait

Candidates Edit

Democratic Party Edit

Ticket Edit

  • Nominee: US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii
  • Running Mate: Senator. Chris Murphy from Connecticut
Tulsi Gabbard, official portrait, 113th Congress

Democratic Nominee: Tulsi Gabbard

Chris Murphy, official portrait, 113th Congress

Democratic Running Mate: Chris Murphy

Withdrew Candidates Edit

  • Kanye West Withdrew at convention Went on as Independent
  • Julian Castro Withdrew 3/8/24 Endorsed West and later Gabbard
  • Roy Copper Withdrew 1/9/24 Endorsed Gabbard
  • Jason Kander Withdrew 5/7/23 Endorsed Gabbard
  • Oprah Winfrey Withdrew 5/13/24 Endorsed West

Republican Party Edit

-Add More Later

Independent Edit

-Add More Later

Third Party Edit

  • Independent: Kanye West
  • Libertarian: Austin Petersen
  • Green: TBD

Independent: Kanye West

Austin Petersen

Libertarian: Austin Petersen

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