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**For some reason, the infobox won't show the names/running mates of the election. It is Marco Rubio/Condoleezza Rice and Elizabeth Warren/Cory Booker.**

The United States presidential election of 2024 was the 60th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 5, 2024. The Republican nominee, Marco Rubio and his running mate, Condoleezza Rice won Elizabeth Warren and her running mate Cory Booker by a large number on all bases.

This election directly followed Clinton's eight year term and marked the end of a sixteen year Democratic rule.

This election reflected a shift away from the status quo Democratic rule and more towards the 'new America' promised by Rubio/Rice.

This election also continued to show the Democrats' falling popularity over the past two elections.

This election also marked the end of the Libertarian Party on a large basis (they lost their sole state, Arizona).

After the election, the Libertarian Party dissolved back in to the Democratic and Republican Party, however a new party sprung up called the Centrist party, to counter the moving of the Democrats (more socialist) and Republicans (more capitalist) and to try and attract voters who are stuck in the middle.


Before and during the 2024 Presidential Election, pollsters tried out a new technique. Every sixth month a 'mega poll' of 60,000 people would be conducted nationwide to get the most accurate poll possible.

Date/Party Actual 2020 Result January 2021 June 2021 January 2022 June 2022 January 2023 June 2023 January 2024 June 2024 Actual 2024 Result
Democratic 49% 49.4% 48.6% 47.7% 46.3% 44.3% 45.3% 46.1% 45.4% 46.8%
Republican 46% 46.9% 46.8% 47.2% 47.5% 48.6% 49.8% 51.8% 53.9% 52.3%

Time Notes:

January 2023 - Elizabeth Warren hints at presidency

May 2022 - Clinton/Warren investigated for corruption

December 2023 - Clinton/Warren cleared

May 2023 - Elizabeth Warren announces run for presidency

June 2023 - Marco Rubio announces run for presidency

April 2024 - Marco Rubio presumptive nominee for Republicans

June 2024 - Elizabeth Warren presumptive nominee for Democrats

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