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United States presidential election, 2020
November 3, 2020
Turnout 49.9%
Rs 256px-Bernie Sanders Donald Trump March 2015
Nominee Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Donald Trump
Party Democratic Independent Republican
Home state Illinois Vermont New York
Running mate Martin O'Malley Russ Feingold Marco Rubio
Electoral vote 273 193 72
States carried 24 + DC 21 5
Popular vote 44,936,678 38,869,712 19,023,536
Percentage 43.7% 37.8% 18.5%
President before election
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
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The United States presidential election of 2020 was the 59th quadrennial Presidential Election. It saw Hillary Clinton being sent to office for a second term, but with a much slimmer electoral vote, popular vote and number of states carried. This election has been the first ever to see an Independent member come second. Bernie Sanders stood with the Democratic party in the 2016 election, but split back off to Independents in 2018. Donald Trump won the nomination for the Republican party but was met with very shocking responses. This led to the splitting of the GOP (2023) into three main parties (and one ind.): Democratic, Progressive Conservatives, Patriot Party and Independent.

Clinton was met with shocking abuse and people wanting to call a re-election due to the electoral vote being so close the the winning line (270). Shortly after the election, Bernie Sanders' approval polls shot through the roof, with polls saying 'If an election was held tomorrow, Bernie Sanders would win with 324 electoral vote, 33 + DC states carried and 57.9% of the vote.' this led to the public rioting against Clinton to the point she nearly resigned.

Clinton's approval polls took a whole new level, putting her at the 3rd most disliked President of all time. Her economic plan led to the loss of the 'AAA' credit rating the US had been holding under her last term and fell to 'A'. She also cut spending in immigration control and military spending whilst she put up foreign aid. She also heightened taxes and put welfare to a whole new level, however unemployment fell to a record low, healthcare and education under her economic plan put the US as the smartest country in the world, poverty fell, but crime rose. She also finalised the disbanding of Guantanamo Bay and Death Row. Under her presidency, she managed to get rid of the two term presidency limit. She banned gun usage and got rid of armed police. The KKK, Patriot Party and extremist groups all campaigned against her, sometimes using violence.