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United States presidential election, 2020
November 3, 2020
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Nominee Sarah Palin Susan Rice
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Alaska New York
Running mate Scott Brown Kirstin Gore
Electoral vote 325 221
States carried 34 18
Percentage 52% 47%
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President before election
Mike Huckabee
Elected President
Sarah Palin

The United States presidential election, 2020 was the 59th consecutive quadrennial election to the office of President of the United States of America. Incumbent Republican President Mike Huckabee was very popular, but he was term-limited. Interior Secretary Sarah Palin stepped up to the plate, however, and faced off against former UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Palin beat Rice easily, using America's energy independence and economic prosperity (achieved during Huckabee's two terms).

Republican Primaries

  • Interior Secretary Sarah Palin, (R-Alaska)
  • Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts)

Brown did well only in the liberal states, having procured the endorsement of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. He was no contest for Palin, and withdrew his candidacy shortly after Super Tuesday, when Palin's lead became nothing short of unstoppable. He was later chosen as Palin's VP.

Democratic Primaries

  • Senator Andrew Cuomo (D-New York)
  • Susan Rice, former UN Ambassador (D-New York)
  • Michelle Obama, former First Lady

The remarkable aspect about the Democratic primaries of 2020 is that all three major candidates were Hispanic: Rice and Obama were African-American women, and Cuomo was Hispanic. They all gained great support, Obama in the Midwest, Rice in the South, and Cuomo on the Northeast and West Coasts. The race was not decided until Convention time, when Obama gave up all her delegates to Rice. Rice chose Senator Kirstin Gore (D-Tennessee) as her running mate.

General Election Campaign

The campaign was relatively issue free, as the economy was good and the scene abroad was relatively quiet. Polls showed Palin with an 11 point lead in some cases, even in Tennessee.

Election Day

On Election Day, Palin/Brown received 325 Electors, while Rice/Gore won only 221. The popular vote was 52% for Palin and 47% for Rice.

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