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The United States presidential election of 2020 was the 59th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The Democratic nominee, incumbent President Hillary Clinton, and her running mate, Vice President Elizabeth Warren, were elected to a second term, defeating the Republican nominee, former Speaker of House of Representatives Paul Ryan and his running mate, Marco Rubio.

This election will mark the twelfth year of Democratic Party presidency.


Hillary Clinton ran a mediocre campaign, beating Paul Ryan except with decreased votes and a much smaller popular vote majority. She attracted 49% of the vote (Decrease from 57% in 2016) with 44,664,358 votes. She got 300 electoral votes (Decrease from 337 in 2016) and she carried 25 states + DC (Increase from 23 + DC in 2016).

Paul Ryan managed to mop up the failure of Republicans from Donald Trump in 2016 with a very successful campaign. He gained 46% of the vote (Increase from 32% in 2016) with 41,929,806 votes. He got 227 electoral votes (Increase from 141 electoral votes in 2016) and he carried 24 states (Increase from 19 in 2016).

Austin Petersen ran a failed campaign, placing the Libertarians back in the minority. The media blamed this on popular Gary Johnson choosing not to run. He gained 5% of the vote (Decrease from 11% in 2016) with 4,557,587 votes. He got 11 electoral votes (Decrease from 64 in 2016) and he carried 1 state (Decrease from 6 in 2016). The Libertarians sole state was now Arizona.

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