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United States presidential election, 2016
November 8, 2016
Turnout 54.6%
Rs Jebismyboy
Nominee Hillary Clinton Jeb Bush
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Illinois Florida
Running mate Martin O'Malley Ben Carson
Electoral vote 306 232
States carried 28 + DC 22
Popular vote 70,641,069 49,292,834
Percentage 58.9% 41.1%
President before election
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
The United States presidential election of 2016 was the 58th quadrennial Presidential Election. It saw former First Lady and Secretary of State winning by a large margin of 17.8%, Jeb Bush was the Republican nominee and lost to Hillary Clinton in a shocker election. Clinton made history by becoming the first female President ever being elected to office.

Clinton overtook popular Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders in the final few months before the election, thanks to her large effort in integrating with new voter bases. Liberals and feminists were her main voters. Sanders was not far trailing behind Clinton though, at some points in the campaign, he was even ahead of Clinton but fell back in the final months before the election.

Bush was in competition with Donald Trump throughout the presidential campaign, with Trump dominating most of it. Bush eventually overtook Trump and won the Republican nomination. Sadly he lost to Clinton by quite a large margin in the electoral vote, seats carried, and popular vote.

Democratic Primaries Edit

  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of New York (won the nomination)
  • Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island
  • Martin O'Malley of Maryland
  • Bernie Sanders of Vermont
  • Jim Webb of Virginia

Throughout the election, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were battling it out. Hillary Clinton took an eventual clear lead and was elected as the Democratic party nominee, and in turn, the first female President.

Republican Primaries Edit

  • Jeb Bush of Florida (won the nomination)
  • Ben Carson of Maryland
  • Chris Christie of New Jersey
  • Ted Cruz of Texas
  • Carly Firoina of California
  • Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
  • Mike Huckabee of Arkansas
  • Bobby Jindal of Louisiana
  • John Kasich of Ohio
  • George Pataki of New York
  • Rand Paul of Kentucky
  • Rick Perry of Texas
  • Marco Rubio of Florida
  • Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania
  • Donald Trump of New York
  • Scott Walker of Wisconsin