United States of the Pacific
Timeline: Lunar State
OTL equivalent: North America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific states
Annuit Cœptis
CapitalSeattle, DP (Richmond temporary war capital)
Other cities Jacksonville, Altlanta, Las Vegas, Quebec, Havana, Kyoto, Tokyo, Seoul, Darwin
Demonym Pacfician
Currency World Dollar (W)
Calling code +1

Quick History

The United States of the Pacific was founded on February 20, 2031 with the uniting of America, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, Japan, and the various Pacific states (excluding Indonesia and Taiwan). South Korea applied for statehood on April 20, 2031 and was granted statehood on June 17, 2031. 

The various peoples of the unified nations were very unhappy about the unification and radical movements rose up in nearly every former nation against the unification, most were eliminated by 2050. The general animosity levelled out in the next years and gave way to general apathy and eventually to moderate patriotism by 2050. During the Third World War all feelings of animosity remaining were burned away as the fighting continued heavily against the Hegemony and patriotism became nearly universal with various groups against the war being the only exception.

The USP united with the other Allied Powers into the United Nations on March 15, 2062.


The government of the USP was that of a federal republic with the various states being subservient to the federal government but still able to apply their own laws and constitution. 

The United States in Congress Assembled was the only legislative body of the Federal government. It was a unicameral congress with 4 congressmen from each state being elected by a general election within the state from which they are from.

The Minister-President was the Head of State and acts as the President of the Congress and as the head of the executive branch. The Minister-President had no power to approve/veto laws and only acted as the "keeper of the peace" of the Congress and maintained an orderly state along with deciding which issues shall come to the floor. The MP was elected by a general election of the people with a simple majority vote.

The Grand Marshal was the Commander-in-Chief of the US Military. He is chosen by the US in Congress Assembled by a Super-Majority vote.

The capital of the USP was Seattle in the District of Pacifica (DP) the capitol building was the former Sky Needle and was renamed the US Capitol Building on its official christiening on April 10, 2031.

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