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Map of mineva with usn in green

Map of the planet Minerva with the United States of Novus highlighted in green, on the continent of Novus

Flag of usn - 10 stars = 10 states, 5 stripes = 5 sectors, 1 sector = 2 states

Flag of the United States of Novus.
The 10 stars represent the 10 states.
The five stripes represent the 5 sectors, each comprised of 2 states.

The United States of Novus, or USN is the first and still largest nation on the planet Minerva. It was colonized by United Nations from 2190 to 2474, but the colonization was led by the United States of America, and therefore the majority of citizens of the United States of Novus are of American decent.

The capital city, Phoenix City, is within the eastern state of Elizabeth. The entire city is within a single giant building, once known as the X-Seed 4000. It is 4 kilometer (2.5 miles) high and 6 kilometer (3.7 miles) wide at the base. The population of Phoenix City in the year 2474, at the time of the nation becoming independent, was 500,000. In the year 2775, the population reached 1,000,000. The people of Phoenix City are transported through the colossal building via Maglev trains riding above an internal spiral, commonly known as the "Phoenix Spine" or the more colloquial "Spine" as it goes right through the centre of the tower.




First Contact with the Daozk People



Name Entered Office Left Office Party Vice President
Prada Geuses 02/12/2474 19/08/4567 Revo James Hillijerk








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