United States of America
Timeline: Lunar State
OTL equivalent: The United States of America
In God We Trust
CapitalWashington, DC (Richmond temporary war capital)
Other cities Jacksonville, Altlanta, Las Vegas, Quebec, Rio de Janerio, Mexico City, Panama City
Demonym American
Currency US Dollar ($)
Calling code +1

The United States of America was a failing nation-state in the early 21st Century it had been established in the late 18th Century and had gone from a large agricultural state to a world super power in a little over 200 years. But by the beginning of the 21st Century the nation was racked with massive debt (mainly to China) and in the late 2010's began secret talks with the Pacific nations (excluding mainland Asia) for unification into the world's largest power and put its economy into a massive powerhouse.

In the late 2020's the talks became public and although most of the various peoples were non approving of the unification the various governments went through with the unifications anyway on February 20, 2031 ending the United States of America forever.

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