United States of America
United States of America
Timeline: Discord (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: USA + Southern Canada & Guayana, Suriname, The Solomon Islands, The Bahamas, Belize, and Sierra Leone
USA Flag Discord Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Flag Coat of Arms
USA Discord

In God We Trust (English)

Anthem "The Star Spangled Banner"
Capital Washington D.C.
Largest city New York City
Other cities San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Halifax, Houston, etc.
(De-Facto) English
  others Spanish, French
Secular Govt. Religious Freedom.
  others Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc.
Ethnic Groups
  others African, Hispanic/Latinos
Demonym American
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
  legislature Congress
Vice President
Population 400 million (2039) 
Established July 4, 1776
Independence from Great Britain
  declared July 4, 1776
  recognized September 3, 1783
Currency US Dollar
Time Zone EST (UTC -5) - STZ (UTC -11)
  summer DST
Internet TLD .us .gov .mil .edu
Calling Code +1
Organizations United Nations
Discord: [1]
USS Pennsylvania

The USS Pennsylvania, the first Titan class battleship

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