United States of Africa
African Union flag
African Union Emblem
"Let Us All Unite and Celebrate Together"
Capital Johannesburg
Wide-used languages Arabic, English, French, Portuguese
State ideology Social-Democracy
Government Presidential Confederation
14.2 billions
Area 30,221,532 km²
Demonym African
Currency Afro

United States of Africa, commonly know as Africa Union, in short, African, is a country born from the desire of united & overcome difference between races or religious from the people of Africa, which were among the reasons for countless bloodshed within the continent.

After the Greater Depression, African nations are among the hardest hits by the collapse of Communist China, since during early 21st century, most of the countries there have been fueled by Chincom cooporations. Now that the benefactors are gone, Africa is left with nothing but civil war, genocide & famine.

During such a hard time, the Republic of South Africa in the South & a newly born Confederate Sahara States on the North quickly regroup themselves & fill the void.

Based on many proposes from the African Union, by 2063, leaders of remaining countries in Africa sit down together for perhaps one of the longest discussions & referendums in history for only one purpose: To create one single nation, overcome what have been among the sources of deadly clashes in Africa & catch up with other supranations in the world at that times.

2067, the 1st country in the world that cover all of one single continent appear: United States of Africa, later change into United Africa Republic.

Currently, the Republic is one of 3 largest green energy providers for the Solar System, along the Confederates and the Caliphate, and is under a race with those two states over colonizing a newly discovered planet.

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