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US Senate Elections, 2024
33 of the 100 seats, 51 seats needed for the majority
November 5, 2024
First party Second party
Schumer John Cornyn official portrait, 2009 crop
Leader Chuck Schumer John Cornyn
Party Democratic Republican
Leader's seat New York Texas
Seats before 62 38
Seats won 25 8
Seats after 63 37
Incumbent Majority Leader
Chuck Schumer

Results Edit

State Incumbent Result Candidates
Arizona Kelli Ward (R) Incumbent lost re-election, Democratic gain Gabrielle Giffords (D)

Kelli Ward (R)

California Dianne Feinstein (D) Incumbent retired, Democratic hold Gavin Newsom (D) ✔

Xavier Becerra (D)

Connecticut Chris Murphy (D) Incumbent re-elected Chris Murphy (D)

Scott Frantz (R)

Delaware Tom Carper (D) Incumbent re-elected Tom Carper (D) ✔

Danny Short (R)

Florida Bill Nelson (D) Incumbent retired, Democratic hold Gwen Graham (D) ✔

Bill Galvano (R)

Hawaii Mazie Hirono (D) Incumbent retired, Democratic hold Tulsi Gabbard (D) ✔

Beth Fukumoto (R)

Indiana Greg Ballard (R) Incumbent re-elected Greg Ballard (R) ✔

Pete Buttegieg (D)

Maine Angus King (I) Incumbent retired, Democratic gain Chellie Pingree (D) ✔

Michael Thibodeau (R)

Maryland Ben Cardin (D) Incumbent retired, Democratic gain Martin O'Malley (D)

Nic Kipke (R)

Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D) Incumbent re-elected Elizabeth Warren (D) ✔

Kirsten Hughes (R)

Michigan Debbie Stabenow (D) Incumbent re-elected Debbie Stabenow (D) ✔

Brian Calley (R)

Minnesota Amy Klobuchar (D) Incumbent re-elected Amy Klobuchar (D) ✔

Tom Emmer (R)

Mississippi Roger Wicker (R) Incumbent retired, Republican hold Stacy Pickering (R) ✔

Jim Hood (D)

Missouri Claire McCaskill (D) Incumbent re-elected Claire McCaskill (D) ✔

Jay Ashcroft (R)

Montana Jon Tester (D) Incumbent re-elected Jon Tester (D)

Tim Fox (R)

Nebraska Deb Fischer (R) Incumbent re-elected Deb Fischer (R) ✔

John Synowieki (D)

Nevada Dina Titus (D) Incumbent re-elected Dina Titus (D) ✔

Mark Amodei (R)

New Jersey Bob Menendez (D) Incumbent re-elected Bob Menendez (D) ✔

Leonard Lance (R)

New Mexico Martin Heinrich (D) Incumbent re-elected Martin Heinrich (D) ✔

Candace Gould (R)

New York Kirsten Gillibrand (D) Incumbent retired, Democratic hold Caroline Kennedy (D) ✔

Elaine Phillips (D)

North Dakota Jack Dalrymple (R) Incumbent re-elected Jack Dalrymple (R) ✔

Heidi Heitkamp (D)

Ohio Sherrod Brown (D) Incumbent re-elected Sherrod Brown (D) ✔

Mary Taylor (R)

Pennsylvainia Bob Casey Jr. (D) Incumbent re-elected Bob Casey Jr. (D) ✔

Mike Fitzpatrick (R)

Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse (D) Incumbent re-elected Sheldon Whitehouse (D) ✔

Allan Fung (R)

Tennessee Bob Corker (R) Incumbent lost re-election, Democratic gain Tim McGraw (D)

Bob Corker (R)

Texas Ted Cruz (R) Incumbent re-elected Ted Cruz (R) ✔

Royce West (D)

Utah Josh Romney (R) Incumbent re-elected Josh Romney (R) ✔

Steve Young (D)

Vermont Bernie Sanders (I) Incumbent retired, Progressive gain David Zuckerman (P) ✔

Phil Scott (R)

Doug Hoffer (D)

Virginia Tim Kaine (D) Incumbent re-elected Tim Kaine (D) ✔

Tim Hugo (R)

Washington Maria Cantwell (D) Incumbent re-elected Maria Cantwell (D) ✔

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)

West Virginia Joe Manchin (D) Incumbent lost re-election, Republican gain Alex Mooney (R) ✔

Joe Manchin (D)

Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin (D) Incumbent re-elected Tammy Baldwin (D) ✔

Rebecca Kleefisch (R)

Wyoming John Barrasso (R) Incumbent retired, Republican hold Liz Cheney (R) ✔

Ryan Greene (D)

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