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2018 52 Stars 2022 ›
US Senate Elections, 2020
36 of the 102 seats, 52 seats needed for the majority
November 3, 2018
First party Second party Third party
Schumer Johnthune Garyjohnsonsenate
Leader Chuck Schumer John Thune Gary Johnson
Party Democratic Republican Libertarian
Leader's seat New York South Dakota New Mexico
Last election 48+2 (50) 49 1
Seats won 52+4 (56) 44 2
Seat change +6 -5 +1
Incumbent Majority Leader
Chuck Schumer
Resulting Majority Leader
Chuck Schumer

Note: Puerto Rico becomes a state during this election cycle. Both of their seats go to Democrats in this election cycle.


















Special Elections

State Incumbent Result Results
Puerto Rico (C1) N/A PDD Gain Alejandro García Padilla (PDD)

Rubén Ángel Berríos Martínez (PRI)

Puerto Rico (C3) N/A PDD Gain Eduardo Bhatia (PDD)

Ricardo Rossell (NPP)

Note: All PDD politicians caucus with the Democratic Party when representing Puerto Rico in Washington.

Note: John McCain vacated his Arizona seat because of a health problem.

State Incumbent Result Candidates
Alabama Jeff Sessions (R) Incumbent re-elected, Republican Hold Jeff Sessions (R)

(and other minor candidates)

Alaska Dan Sullivan (R) Incumbent defeated, Libertarian Gain Joe Miller (L)

Dan Sullivan (R)

Ray Metcalfe (D)

Arkansas Tom Cotton (R) Incumbent re-elected, Republican Hold Tom Cotton (R)

Bob Ross (D)

Colorado Cory Gardner (R) Incumbent defeated, Democratic Gain Jared Polis (D)

Cory Gardner (R)

Beau Woodcock (L)

Delaware Christopher Coons (D) Incumbent re-elected, Democratic Hold Christopher Coons (D)
Georgia David Perdue (R) Incumbent faced in second runoff election David Perdue (R)

Jason Carter (D)

Allan Buckley (L)

Georgia (runoff) David Perdue (R) Incumbent re-elected, Republican Hold David Perdue (R)

Jason Carter (D)

Idaho Jim Risch (R) Incumbent re-elected, Republican Hold Jim Risch (R)

Dale Hatch (D)

John Charles Smith (L)

Illinois Richard Durbin (D) Incumbent re-elected, Democratic Hold Richard Durbin (D)

Leslie Munger (R)

Kent McMillen (L)

Iowa Joni Enrst (R) Incumbent defeated, Democratic Gain

 Michael Fitzgerald (D)

Joni Ernst (R)

Bryan Jack Holder (L)

Kansas Pat Roberts (R) Incumbent retired, Republican Hold Jeff Coyler (R)

Anthony Hensley (D)

Kerry Burt (L)

Kentucky Mitch McConnell (R) Incumbent retired, Republican Hold

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