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United States Senate elections, 2020
Class 2 33 of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate

51 seats needed for a majority

November 4, 2018
First party Second party
Johnthune Chuck schumer official portrait
Leader John Thune Chuck Schumer
Party Republican Democratic
Seats before 64 + 3 (67) 32 + 1 (33)
Seats won +2 -2
Seats after 66 + 3 (69) 30 +`1 (31)
Majority Leader before election
John Thune
Majority Leader after election
John Thune

The 2020 Senate elections were held on November 4th 2020, along with the presidential election, the U.S. House races of the year, and various other statewide elections

Boosted by the results of the presidential election, the Republicans maintained their super majority. However, the Libertarians were able to make surprising wins in Michigan, and Kentucky.


Winning candidate in bold

Incumbent State Party Results Candidates
Jeff Sessions Alabama Republican Incumbent re-elected Bobby Bright (Democratic)
Daniel Sullivan Alaska Republican Incumbent re-elected Hollis French (Democratic)
Tom Cotton Arkansas American Party Incumbent re-elected Darrin Williams (Democratic) A Republican (Republican) 
Cory Gardner Colorado American Party Incumbent re-elected A Republican (Republican) Mark Ferrandino (Democratic)
Chris Coons Delaware Democratic Incumbent re-elected Tom Kovach (Repulbican)      
David Perdue Georgia Republican Incumbent re-elected Jason Carter (Democratic)
Jim Risch Idaho Republican Incumbent retired, Republican hold Raúl Labrador (Republican)                             Sue Chew (Democratic)
Dick Durbin Illinois Democratic Incumbent defeated, Republican gain Adam Kinzinger (Republican)
Joni Ernst Iowa Republican Incumbent re-elected David Loebsack (Democratic)
Pat Roberts Kansas Republican Incumbent retired, Republican hold Kevin Yoder (Republican)   Tom Holland (Democratic)
Mitch McConnell Kentucky Republican Incumbent retired, Democratic gain Alison Lundergan Grimes (Democratic)                             Andy Barr (Republican)
Jeff Landry Louisiana Republican Incumbent re-elected John Bel Edwards (Democratic)
Susan Collins Maine Republican Incumbent re-elected

Shenna Bellows (Democratic)

Ed Markey Massachusetts Democratic Incumbent defeated, Libertarian gain David Blau (Libertarian) Bruce Tarr (Republican)
Gary Peters Michigan Republican Incumbent defeated, Republican gain Mike Bishop (Republican) A Libertarian (Libertarian) 
Al Franken Minnesota DFL Incumbent retired, Republican gain Tim Pawlenty (American Party)    Keith Ellison (DFL)
Thad Cochran Mississippi Republican Incumbent retired, Republican hold Steve Palazzo (Republican) David Baria (Democratic)
Steve Daines Montana Republican Incumbent re-elected Pam Bucy (Democratic)
Ben Sasse Nebraska Republican Incumbent re-elected Annette Dubas (Democratic)
Jeanne Shaheen New Hampshire Republican Incumbent defeated, Republican gain Scott Brown (Republican)
Cory Booker New Jersey Democratic Incumbent re-elected Jon Bramnick (Republican)
Tom Udall New Mexico Democratic Incumbent re-elected

Nate Gentry (Republican)

Thom Tillis North Carolina Republican Incumbent re-elected Beth Wood (Democratic)
Jim Inhofe Oklahoma Republican Incumbent retired, Republican hold Mary Fallin (Republican)  Kenneth Corn (Democratic)
Jeff Merkley Oregon Democratic Incumbent re-elected Julie Parrish (Republican)
Jack Reed Rhode Island Democratic Incumbent re-elected Unopposed
Lindsey Graham South Carolina Republican Incumbent lost nomination, Republican hold Nancy Mace (Republican) Mandy Powers Norrell (Democratic)
Mike Rounds South Dakota Republican Incumbent re-elected Stace Nelson (Democratic)
Lamar Alexander Tennessee Republican Incumbent retired, Republican hold Marsha Blackburn (Republican)                            Jim Cooper (Democratic)
John Cornyn Texas Republican Incumbent re-elected Rafael Anchia (Democratic)
Mark Warner Virginia Democratic Incumbent resigned, Republican gain

Robert Hurt (Republican) Mark Herring (Democratic)

Shelley Moore Capito West Virginia Republican Incumbent re-elected Glen Gainer (Democratic)
Mike Enzi Wyoming Republican Incumbent retired, Republican hold Matt Mead (Republican)   Rex Wilde (Democratic)