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United States Senate elections, 2018
Class 1 (33 of the 100) seats in the United States Senate and two midterm vacancy

51 seats needed for a majority

November 6, 2018
First party Second party
473px-Sen Mitch McConnell official Chuck schumer official portrait
Leader Mitch McConnell Chuck Schumer
Party Republican Democratic
Seats before 53 45 + 1 (46)
Seats won +6 -6
Seats after 59 39 + 2 (41)
Majority Leader before election
Mitch McConnell
Majority Leader after election
John Thune

The 2018 Senate elections were held on November 6th 2018, concurrently with the U.S. House races of the year, and various other statewide elections.

Thanks to the popularity of the Paul administration, the Republicans were able to not only hold onto their majority, but strengthen it massively. Mitch McConnell retired as Majority Leader at the following leadership election and was replaced by Senator John Thune of South Dakota.


Winning candidate in bold

Incumbent State Party Results


Jeff Flake Arizona American Party Incumbent defeated, Republican gain Matt Salmon (Republican) David Schapira (Democratic)
Dianne Feinstein California Democratic Incumbent retired, Libertarian gain

Jay Leno (Libertarian) Loretta Sanchez (Democratic)     Bob Huff (Republican)     

Chris Murphy Connecticut Democratic Incumbent re-elected

John McKinney (Republican)

Tom Carper Delaware Democratic Incumbent re-elected Christine O'Donnell (Republican)
Bill Nelson Florida Democratic Incumbent retired, Republican gain Marco Rubio (Republican)   

David Jolly (American Party) Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Democratic)

Mazie Hirono Hawaii Democratic Incumbent re-elected Beth Fukomuto (Republican)
Joe Donnelly Indiana Democratic Incumbent defeated, Republican gain Todd Rokita (Republican)
Angus King Maine Independent Incumbent re-elected Paul LePage (Republican)               Cynthia Dill (Democratic)
Ben Cardin Maryland Democratic Incumbent retired, Democratic hold Heather Mizeaur (Democratic)   Jeannie Haddaway (Republican)
Elizabeth Warren Massachusetts Democratic Incumbent re-elected Gabriel Gomez (Republican)
Debbie Stabenow Michigan Democratic Incumbent defeated, Libertarian gain Justin Amash (Libertarian) Bill Shuette (Republican)
Amy Klobuchar Minnesota Democratic Incumbent re-elected Kurt Zellers (Republican)
Roger Wicker Mississippi Republican Incumbent re-elected Jim Hood (Democratic)
Claire McKaskill Missouri Democratic Incumbent defeated, Republican gain Ann Wagner (Republican)
Jon Tester Montana Democratic Incumbent defeated, Republican gain Matt Rosendale (Republican)
Deb Fischer Nebraska Republican Incumbent re-elected Kim Robak (Democratic)
Dean Heller Nevada Republican Incumbent defeated, Democratic gain

Steven Horsford (Democratic)

Bob Menendez New Jersey Democratic Incumbent retired, Democratic hold Frank Pallone (Democratic)             Jon Runyan (American Party)
Martin Heinrich New Mexico Democratic Incumbent re-elected Dianna Duran (Republican)
Kirsten Gillibrand New York Democratic Incumbent re-elected Brian Kolb (Republican)
Heidi Heitkamp North Dakota Democratic Incumbent defeated, Republican gain Drew Wrigley (Republican)
Sherrod Brown Ohio Democratic Incumbent defeated, Republican gain Steve Stivers (Republican)
Bob Casey Jr. Pennslyvania Democratic Incumbent re-elected  A Republican (Republican)
Sheldon Whitehouse Rhode Island Democratic Incumbent re-elected Scott Avedisian (Republican)
Bob Corker Tennessee Republican Incumbent re-elected Larry Crim (Democratic)
Ted Cruz Texas Republican Incumbent re-elected to serve full term Julian Castro (Democratic)
Orrin Hatch Utah Republican Incumbent retired, Republican hold Mia Love (Republican)             Rebecca Chavez-Houck (Democratic)
Bernie Sanders Vermont Independent Incumbent re-elected H. Brooke Page (Republican)
Tim Kaine Virginia Democratic Incumbent defeated, Republican gain

Eric Cantor (Republican)

Maria Cantwell Washington Democratic Incumbent re-elected Andy Hill (Republican)
Natalie Tennant West Virginia Democratic Incumbent defeated, Republican gain. Alex Mooney (Republican)
Tammy Baldwin Wisconsin Democratic Incumbent re-elected

Robin Vos (Republican)

John Barrasso Wyoming Republican Incumbent re-elected Gary Trauner (Democratic)