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United States Senate Elections, 2018
35 of 100 seats for the United States Senate. 51 needed for a majority.
November 6, 2018
First party Second party Third party
Chuckschumer Sen Mitch McConnell official
Leader Chuck Schumer Mitch McConnell N/A
Party Democratic Republican Independent
Leader since January 3, 2017 January 3, 2007 N/A
Leader's seat New York Kentucky N/A
Last election 46 52 2
Seats before 47 51 2
Seats won 50 48 2
Seat change Increase2 Decrease2 ±0

Elections to the United States Senate will be held November 6, 2018, with 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate being contested in regular elections and two seats being contested in special elections. The winners will serve six-year terms from January 3, 2019, to January 3, 2025. Currently, Democrats have 24 seats up for election, as well as the seats of two independents who caucus with them. Republicans have nine seats up for election. The seats up for regular election in 2018 were last up for election in 2012; in addition, special elections will be scheduled if vacancies occur, as has already happened in Minnesota and Mississippi. After the 2016 elections, some state election officials are trying to upgrade voting systems in time for this election.[3]

The U.S. House of Representatives elections, 39 gubernatorial elections, and many other state and local elections will also be held on this date.

Republicans could only afford to lose one Senate seat and still have a working majority with the Vice President breaking the tie in their favour. Three of the Republican seats are open as a result of retirements in Tennessee, Utah, and Arizona. Democrats are defending ten seats in states won by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, while Republicans are only defending one seat in a state won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The Republicans lost three seats. The Democrats took the Republican-held seats of Arizona, Tennessee and Nevada. This resulted in Democrats winning control of the Senate.


Full list of Election results

Winning candidate in bold

State Incumbent Party Previous Elections Result Candidates
Arizona Jeff Flake Republican 2012 Incumbent retired
Democratic gain
Krysten Sinema (Democratic) 50.96%
Martha McSally (Republican) 47.23%
Others 1.81%
California Dianne Feinstein Democratic 1992 (Special)
Incumbent re-elected Dianne Feinstein (Democratic) 52.05%
Kevin de Leon (Democratic) 47.95%
Connecticut Chris Murphy Democratic 2012 Incumbent re-elected Chris Murphy (i) (Democratic) 60.82%
Tony Hwang (Republican) 39.18%
Delaware Tom Carper Democratic 2000
Incumbent re-elected Tom Carper (i) (Democratic) 75.67%
Gene Truono (Republican) 24.33%
Florida Bill Nelson Democratic 2000
Incumbent re-elected Ben Nelson (i) (Democratic) 48.37%
Rick Scott (Republican) 45.27%
Joe Allen (Independent) 2.44%
Others 3.92%
Hawaii Mazie Hirono Democratic 2012 Incumbent re-elected Mazie Hirono (i) (Democratic) 78.67%
Crystal Carpenter (Independent) 21.33%
Indiana Joe Donnelly Democratic 2012 Incumbent re-elected Joe Donnelly (i) (Democratic) 52.62%
Todd Rokita (Republican) 46.13%
Andrew Straw (Disability) 1.25%
Maine Angus King Independent 2012 Incumbent re-elected Angus King (i) (Independent) 66.54%
Eric Brakey (Republican) 25.33%
Zak Ringelstein (Democratic) 5.31%
Others 2.81%
Maryland Ben Cardin Democratic 2006
Incumbent re-elected Ben Cardin (i) (Democratic) 59.39%
Sam Faddis (Republican) 25%
Neal Simon (Independent) 14.31%
Others 1.3%
Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren Democratic 2012 Incumbent re-elected Elizabeth Warren (i) (Democratic) 65.48%
Geoff Diel (Republican) 23.81%
Shiva Ayyadurai (Independent) 10.71%
Michigan Debbie Stabenow Democratic 2000
Incumbent re-elected Debbie Stabenow (i) (Democratic) 62.19%
Larry Pensler (Republican) 36.59%
Marcia Squier (Independent) 1.22%
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar Democratic 2006
Incumbent re-elected Amy Klobuchar (i) (Democratic) 68.15%
Bob Barnheiser (Republican) 29.99%
Paula Overby (Green) 1.86%
Minnesota (Special: Class 2) Tina Smith Democratic 2017 (Appointed) Incumbent re-elected Tina Smith (i) (Democratic) 58.51%
Karin Housley (Republican) 41.49%
Mississippi Roger Wicker Republican 2008 (Special)
Incumbent re-elected Roger Wicker (i) (Republican) 58.08%
David Baria (Democratic) 41.92%
Mississippi (Special: Class 2) Cindy Hyde-Smith Republican 2018 (Appointed) Incumbent re-elected Cindy Hyde-Smith (i) (Republican) 51.18%
Mike Espy (Democratic) 48.82%
Missouri Claire McCaskill Democratic 2006
Incumbent re-elected Claire McCaskill (i) (Democratic) 42.27%
Josh Hawley (Republican) 41.33%
Japheth Campbell (Libertarian) 9.2
Craig O'Dear (Independent) 7.2%
Montana Jon Tester Democratic 2006
Incumbent re-elected Jon Tester (i) (Democratic) 47.75%
Matt Rodendale (Republican) 39.87%
Rick Brekenridge (Libertarian) 9.41%
Steve Kelly (Green) 2.97%
Nebraska Deb Fischer Republican 2012 Incumbent re-elected Deb Fischer (i) (Republican) 55.98%
Jane Raybould (Democratic) 41.32%
Mark Elworth (Libertarian) 2.7%
Nevada Dean Heller Republican 2011 (Appointed)
Incumbent defeated
Democratic gain
Jacky Rosen (Democratic) 48.43%
Dean Heller (i) (Republican) 44.34%
None of These Candidates 5.71%
Others 1.52%
New Jersey Bob Menendez Democratic Jan 2006 (Appointed)
Nov 2006
Incumbent re-elected Bob Menendez (i) (Democratic) 57.2%
Bob Hugin (Republican) 37.36%
Murray Sabin (Libertarian) 3.67%
Muhammad Usman (Independent) 1.77%
New Mexico Martin Heinrich Democratic 2012 Incumbent re-elected Martin Heinrich (i) (Democratic) 40.03%
Aubrey Dunn (Libertarian) 38.56%
Mark Rich (Republican) 21.41%
New York Kirsten Gillibrand Democratic 2009 (Appointed)
2010 (Special)
Incumbent re-elected Kirsten Gillibrand (i) (Democratic) 71.43%
Chele Chiavacci Farley (Republican) 28.57%
North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp Democratic 2012 Incumbent re-elected Heidi Heitkamp (i) (Democratic) 50.19%
Kevin Cramer (Republican) 49.81%
Ohio Sherrod Brown Democratic 2006
Incumbent re-elected Sherrod Brown (i) (Democratic) 57.03%
Jim Renacci (Republican) 42.97%
Pennsylvania Bob Casey Democratic 2006
Incumbent re-elected Bob Casey (i) (Democratic) 56.16%
Lou Barletta (Republican) 40.37%
Dale Kerns (Libertarian) 3.47%
Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse Democratic 2006
Incumbent re-elected Sheldon Whitehouse (i) (Democratic) 60.64%
Robert Nardolillo (Republican) 39.36%
Tennessee Bob Corker Republican 2006
Incumbent retired
Phil Bredesen (Democratic) 51.89%
Marsha Blackburn (Republican) 48.11%
Texas Ted Cruz Republican 2006
Incumbent re-elected Ted Cruz (i) (Republican) 53.59%
Beto O'Rourke (Democratic) 41.63%
Others 4.78%
Utah Orrin Hatch Republican 1976
Incumbent retired
Republican Hold
Mitt Romney (Republican) 75.98%
Jenny Wilson (Democratic) 21.49%
Craig Bowden (Libertarian) 2.53%
Vermont Bernie Sanders Independent 2006
Incumbent re-elected Bernie Sanders (i) (Independent) 76.7%
Scott Milne (Republican) 18.04%
Jon Svitavsky (Democratic) 5.26%
Virginia Tim Kaine Democratic 2012 Incumbent re-elected Tim Kaine (i) (Democratic) 62.22%
Benjamin Cline (Republican) 36.67%
Matt Waters (Libertarian) 1.11%
Washington Maria Cantwell Democratic 2000
Incumbent re-elected Maria Cantwell (i) (Democratic) 63.13%
Joey Gibson (Republican) 36.87%
West Virginia Joe Manchin Democratic 2010 (Special)
Incumbent re-elected Joe Manchin (i) (Democratic) 56.77%
Evan Jenkins (Republican) 43.23%
Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin Democratic 2012 Incumbent re-elected Tammy Baldwin (i) (Democratic) 57.3%
Kevin Nicholson (Republican) 43.7%
Wyoming John Barrasso Republican 2007 (Appointed)
2008 (Special)
Incumbent re-elected John Barrasso (i) (Republican) 56.15%
Gary Trauner (Democratic) 43.85%