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U.S. Presidential Elections 2036
Ericswalwell Jaimeherrerabeutlerportrait
Nominee Timothy Mitchell Eric Swalwell Jaime Herrera Beautler
Party American Progressive Republican
Home state Georgia California Washington
Running mate Deisy Rodriguez Joe Kennedy III Will Weatherford
Electoral vote 535 3 0
States carried 50 + DC 1 0
Percentage 60.2% 10.5% 10.1%
TWShannon Patrick Murphy 113th Congress
Nominee T.W. Shannon Patrick Murphy
Party Conservative Democratic
Home state Oklahoma Florida
Running mate Christina Hagan Daniel Biss
Electoral vote 0 0
States carried 0 0
Percentage 9.8% 9.4%

The United States Presidential election of 2036 was contested on November 4, 2036 to elect the President of the United States. The incumbent, President Timothy Mitchell of Georgia, an American , was eligible to seek a second term. Mitchell was elected in a landslide, defeating California Senator Eric Swalwell of the Progressives, Republican former Vice President Jaime Herrea Beautler of Washington,  Conservative Party Senator T.W. Shannon of Oklahoma, and Democratic Governor of Florida Patrick Murphy. Mitchell failed only to carry Vermont, winning 535 electoral votes, giving him the biggest electoral landslide since 1820 and the largest since Ronald Reagan's 1984 landslide. On the heels of Mitchell's victory came wide wins for independent candidates.

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