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U.S. Presidential Election, 2016
Bernie Sanders2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton2 Garyjohnsonphoto - modified
Nominee Bernard Sanders Hillary Clinton Gary Johnson
Party Progressive Party Democratic Libertarian
Home state Vermont New York New Mexico
Running mate Jeff Merkley Tim Kaine William Weld
Electoral vote 9 0 0
Popular vote 1,130,382 868,830 583,229
Percentage 37.6 28.9 19.4
Johnkasich Donald Trump Jill Stein
Nominee John Kaisch Donald Trump Jill Stein
Party Moderate Republican Republican Green
Home state Ohio New York Massachusetts
Running mate George Pataki Mike Pence Kent Mesplay
Electoral vote 0 0 0
Popular vote 228,481 111,235 78,165
Percentage 8.2 3.7 2.6

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