United States Presidential Election, 2032 (New Golden Age)

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United States Presidential Election, 2032
November 2, 2032
Paul Ryan, official portrait, 112th Congress David Cobb
Nominee Paul Ryan David Cobb
Party Republican Green Party
Home state Wisconsin Texas
Running mate Scott Brown Pat LaMarche
States carried 30+DC 20
Popular vote 250 160
Percentage 50% 40%
Incumbent President
Linda Bobo
Paul Ryan
President Linda Bobo was thought that she was going to have a second-term but she came down with throat-cancer and when asked to re-run she was forced to decline. So, the election for the president started. Paul Ryan (Running Mate with Mitt Romney) ran for president and won. Canident David Cobb ran but lost, he was the first canited to be the green party. Paul Ryan would win again in the 2036 Presidential Election.

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