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2024 Presidential Election
November 2024
Turnout 54.1%
Ted Cruz Andrew Cuomo
Nominee Ted Cruz Andrew Cuomo
Party Republican Progressive
Home state Texas New York
Running mate Marco Rubio Gary Peters
Electoral vote 271 267
States carried 30 20
Percentage 51.1% 48.8%

The 2024 Presidental Election is the name of an election that took place in the United States in November of 2024. In probably one of the most controversial cases in election history, Ted Cruz of the Conservatives was re-elected by 4 electoral votes, defeating a Progressive-Democratic Ticket that managed to rally the parties together for the first time since 2016. 


During the Presidency of Ted Cruz, the United States had seen a 2% decrease in jobs as many companies began outsourcing jobs to Asia for the first time in four years. A Conservative Senate had also approved tax cuts lowering the top rate to 15%, causing the largest budget deficit in American History. 

The Second Cold War was heating up as the Eurasian Union had begun taking control of nations in Africa after losing in Korea three years earlier. Eurasian President Vladimir Putin had also established diplomatic relations with Mexico and Brazil, resulting in the deployment of American Troops to Texas. 

Talk of a Progressive-Democratic Ticket had circulated for some time now. The Democrats were losing support for their Corrupt practices and many politicians left the party for the Libertarians or Conservatives.  

The Party needed to rebuild itself and saw the opportunity to endorse Andrew Cuomo of the Progressives