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2020 United States Presidential Election
November 3, 2020
Turnout 47.1%
Candidate Donald Trump Elizabeth Warren Gary Johnson
Party Republican Democratic Independent
Home state New York Massachussetts Utah
Running mate Mike Pence Starlin Castro William Weld
Electoral vote 294 244 0
States carried 32 18 0
Popular vote 73.8% 17.4% 8.8%
Trump Re-Election

The 2020 Presidential Election was the name of an election that occurred on November 3, 2020, which saw Donald Trump defeat Elizabeth Warren to win the Presidency. Despite rapid unemployment, the Republican Party managed to win, while keeping the Senate, they lost the House to the Democrats, who have made the Political Process, more difficult for Trump.

Background Edit

Donald Trump entered the 2020 election under heavy fire, popularity dwindling, Red States jumping ship, and an economy under fire. But despite this, the Democrats found themselves divided. Party Chair Tom Perez forced Berniecrats to form a new political party, who despite endorsing Elizabeth Warren, were unable to win the influence of the American

Democrats had mutiple nominees in line, Representative Joe Kennedy, Joe Biden, former Senator of Delaware, Andrew Cuomo, Former Governor of New York.

The Republicans had no opposition to Donald Trump, who ran with the Party's full backing, the Conservative Alliance, however, attempted to endorse Evan McMullin, but his candidacy ended just three months after.