United States Presidential Election, 2020 (Adam's President Trump)

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The United States Presidential Election of 2020 took place on November 3, 2020. Incumbent President Donald Trump was re-elected unanimously because he was the only candidate allowed on the ballot. This was the first election since 1820 when one candidate ran unopposed. Trump ran with his son, Donald Trump, Jr. He won all 51 States and all 541 Electoral Votes. This was the last Presidential Election before the US becomes an absolute monarchy in 2023. Trump was put on trial in 2018, for proposing the US become a monarchy. This is the first election held under the 28th Amendment, ratified in January 2019, banned all political parties except for the Trumpian Party, formed in 2017. Another amendment unique to this election, and that was the 29th Amendment, which added that only members of the Trump family can run for President.

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